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  1. *Adam walks out to mixed reactions, Theres no spotlight, No lights going out, Just Adam in jeans and a shirt, He jumps over the top rope and taunts, He is handed a mic*​
    After weeks of saying I will win, After weeks of insults and mockery, After weeks on brawls and arguments, I choked. I choked in the biggest match of my career just like I was told would happen, I came into Summerslam unprepared and mindless to the challenge up ahead, I lost. I was pinned 1 2 3 in the middle of the ring. To be honest with you its all just a blur, I just remember rolling out the ring in disappointment. I was left lying on the mat as I watched the crowd cheer for the events that took place, I was pissed. I left and I went backstage and I kicked off. I did some things im not really proud of and pissed off a lot of people, Some my friends others not so much and I left, I got in my car and I drove home. I thought to myself, This is it, Im done, I believed my career was over. Then I saw The Cure cheat to win their titles they dont deserve, And now im back, The Cure is over and done with and I wont be fighting alone, I have what you would call a little back up, But you will find out about that soon, As for now, Im sending you a message "Cure" you are a couple of shit heads, You arent invincible, You are merely trash that will go up in flames very, very shortly.​
    Now to Jacob (NanoRah14 ), You put up one hell of a fight, We fought for a total 23 minutes in a brutal match, We fought to the death and in my opinion stole the midcard for the night. We put on a brutal match and took each other to places we never believed existed, And I want to congratulate you personally on that, So please come out here and allow me to do that.​

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  2. *Jacob comes out with his usual attire and his facepain, shaking his body to the music's rhythm. When he gets in the ring, he asks for a microphone*​
    Never thought you would change and I don't really trust you right now. Every time I've stepped into this ring with you everything has turned into a chaos where I got kicked by you. It looks like a trap, but there's something that really shocked me. The great Adam Hawk saying he lost clean to me? Admitting I was better than him in our match? Wow, the Adam I know would never in his life admit someone is better than him. Well, you said you weren't prepared as I wasn't in our first match, but this is it. I came out because I don't care if it's a trap or not. I just want to hear what you have to say. I don't really need you to congratulate me because of my win, as you said it was a hell of a match. It could have been the match of the night. It could have been the match of the year! But no, we're not good enough for this company. The spotlight isn't shared, and as you said, that's because of the Cure. I'm going to listen what you have to say, this is your moment, take the spotlight.
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  3. You know Jacob, I have worked my ass off for this place for a while, And every since I came back The Cure have cost me every match since, This is my moment and I will embrace it.​
    *Adam puts his hand out to shake Jacob's*​
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  4. *Jacob isn't convinced at all that this isn't a trap, but accepts and shakes Adam's hand*​
    Well, Adam. It seems I was wrong and it seems you've changed. The Cure is taking everyone's spotlight and guys like Aids have joined them. Now they have another quality member and that's why Rodrigo and myself want to stop them right now because it seems their aim isn't making us change our mind, but they want to control this company and that's something unacceptable. I want to apologize for what I've said earlier on today because I didn't see you've changed, but thanks for proving I was wrong. Take your time and listen this people in the crowd because they'll lead you to be one of the best wrestlers in this company.
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  5. *Adam hugs Jacob and raises his hand*​
  6. *When Adam puts Jacob's hand down, Jacob raises Adam's hand*​
    We have a winner tonight, and it's not you, the Cure; it's Adam. He's one step closer to beat the hell out of you and he'll start with David at Night of Champions. We're coming for ya'.
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  7. It was a good face promo.
  8. It was a good promo. That promo is good because you come out trying to act like a wrestler and a human and admitting your errors. It wasn't the face turn, at least in my case it wasn't.
  9. OOC: The face turn was really shaking hands with you.
  10. The face turn was the part where you used humility.
  11. I couldn't really believe it was serious tbh. I thought it was a trap for a rematch at Uprising, but I actually like to see more faces. I'm tired of having about a 90% of heels and tweeners in the roster. Welcome to the face part of the roster :yay:
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  12. Total members: 2.
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  13. Total members: 3. Rodrigo is face too.
  14. not sure who that is.
  15. Not sure who The Cure members are...
  16. The winners of all your favorite matches.
  17. Lol'd good one aids

    And yeah, great first promo and great storywise
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  18. You can't win the matches where I fight against other members who aren't from the Cure :pity:
  19. I didnt even know you had a match. Oh, you vs adam? Last minute match was last minute. (it was good)

    Glad you can appreciate it, i giggled honestly.