So what's next for Bryan?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. After losing and not even being involved in the ending, I'm scared at the moment. If they even think about depushing him out the scene I will genuinely consider changing our header image to a picture of TNA tea-bagging Vince.
  2. I already answered it, for for you Crayo I'll answer it again. He's gonna continue his feud with Punk and win the title eventually. WWE can't keep him down and have him feud for the title but not win. :burns:
  3. He'll get another match after going through the usual BS of I wasn't pinned, that idiot with the mask was. Win le obligatory number one contenders match the week after probably against Kane after AJ interference. They wrestle AJ shows up looks to side with Punk before turning and kicking him straight in the goolads. Bryan pins him and Punk gets a kayfabe ruptured testicle, comes back a month later with his balls reattached and isn't a dull fuck anymore.
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  4. Kane for WWE champ!
  5. I believe he'll still be fueding CM Punk. He's going to make out that he wasn't pinned like stated above and they're going to continue their fued. Daniel Bryan is going to win the Championship, though. Even the majority of the CM Punk IWC fans believe that the title should be taken off him as his runs a little too stale now, it's only going to benefit the both of them (Daniel Bryan and CM Punk) by making Daniel Bryan a WWE Champion.
  6. This would be awesome but this being WWE I doubt it.
  7. Well, Kane left with AJ, Bryan has grounds for a rematch, and for the first time in 7 weeks of this crap Bryan finally made this feel like a real feud. In any logical universe, that would mean he would be #1 contender.

    So, he'll be MITB fodder as Punk tries to carry Fat Albert... But maybe it's better off that way. Punk vs Bryan at Summerslam, with some time apart to freshen up the match? :yes:
  8. needs to feud with some one like christian
  9. This is what I predicted all along - Kane taking the pinfall so that this gives Punk/Bryan an excuse to have their feud go on longer and have them go at it one on one at MITB, probably with Bryan winning the belt. Punk losing the belt at MITB would be fitting since his latest main event run started there exactly one year ago. I can't see them having Punk retain.
  11. I think they will all be involved, Bryan saying he never got pinned, and because AJ likes CM Punk, but is lying to Kane. Some odd reason I see another triple threat match, with Kane losing once more and then it goes down to Punk/Byran once AJ and Kane are over with. Then the winner of this one, will end the feud.
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  12. Bryan should win the feud. :burns:
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  13. He sould, especially if they make him go trough all of that, he is an amazing wrestler and they need to get that title off of Punk now!
  14. Yeah, Punk is boring. After Bryan wins it he can feud with Ziggler. That would be an epic feud.
  15. I see Ziggler winning the title by beating Sheamus, Ziggler will probaly toss aside Vickie and keep going after Sheamus since he'll probally be saying stuff like, "Aye dere laddie, remember, yous stilla never beats me the one on one, you still canta wins." That'll piss Ziggler off and make him want to keep fighting until he beats him one on one
  16. If he isn't facing Punk at MITB then I take back all the good things I said about adding Kane to the fued. I presumed they were planning on a 30minute plus match at MITB but didn't want the fued to get stale.
  17. This is Super Sheamus remember? :burns:
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  19. I'm guessing so as well. They know how great this feud is and they want to go as long as it can and not have it be stale. If that's the case then props to WWE.
  20. Imagine how awesome it would be if Bryan continues his "New CM Punk" role as the Voice of the Voiceless, and berates Punk for how much he's changed since MITB last year. They can't just forget that ever happened... can they?