So why are people shitting on Low Ki for this?

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  1. Finally got around to watching it and Ki goes for the rolling kick and Athu makes no intention to block it. You can't expect Ki to pull that as he's rolling, the momentum will carry over.
  2. not sure if serious
  3. Deadly serious, if he's gone for a rolling kick which Athu saw coming how can he can really pull that one? The momentum has carried him through and Athu makes no intention to cushion the blow.
  4. You can do the move safely without running over like a retard and kicking him full force in the face, yes.
  5. So he shouldn't have done a spot he's hit a million times before because some guy didn't take the move properly?
  6. I see guys take kicks in the face without having a hand up all the time and not get knocked out. Sheamus with his brogue kick and HBK both have kicked guys clean in the face and done it safely. Only seems to happen with low ki that guys get their lights turned out... but yea it is a problem with all the opponents he has knocked out.

    I guess this was Dolph's fault

  7. That's more Ki's fault as he can see what he's doing, it's the same with the superkick / Brogue, guys can see what they're doing and pull it. On a rolling kick opponent participation is more opponent as his heads on the floor from the roll through.
  8. You can still control your feet. He isn't suddenly unaccountable for his own limbs just because he is rolling.

    It seems scripted that he isn't supposed to get a hand up the way he is pointing to his chin beforehand...
  9. Whilst that may be true, surely who ever booked that must have realized it was a retarded move. He can control his limbs but it's easy to overshoot things, now imagine doing that blind it's difficult to do. I can understand people shitting on Ki for being stiff for the Dolph video you posted but this one he seems to be a scapegoat slightly due to poor match structure and or an opponent who didn't protect himself.
  10. I'm sure the fact that Low Ki has been way too stiff both before and tons of times after sort of eliminates his would be benefit of the doubt.
  11. So when does the kick happen? Cba watching the whole thing.
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  13. That kick on Ziggler. :damn:
  14. I don't think his kicks and stiffness is the only reason people dislike Ki but only a part of it. A major part seems to be that he refuses to let younger talent go over. If he is tolld to put someone over he stiffs them to submission instead which is a main reason he isn't working in DGUSA or the rest of America anymore. He was supposed to put PAC over in 2012 but stiffed him instead.
  15. Take that back, you ****! :aries:
  16. Lol shit. That kick to Ziggler's face was pretty brutal.

    edit: the "kick" in the OP wasn't so bad but it did look like he botched that shit.
  17. This Athu guy is just a poor, poor fuck.