WrestleMania So with WrestleMania 28 in now in the book what is Next?

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    So with WrestleMania 28 in now in the book what is Next?​

    What storyline do you think will go on to the next Pay Per ViewExtreme Rules? What Superstar are return, New feud, a siretd someone turning heel maybe?, old wrestler return to wwe and what next for Undertaker and get a REAL ANSWER B/C HE NOT RETIRE HE WON!? Era end for HHH not Undertaker!!!!!!
  2. If Brock comes back for a big storyline and agrees to do Extreme Rules, I will mark the fuck out.
  3. We have another year of can Cena do it, probably some other supermanish win for Punk at ER. He's essentially Cena with tats now. Punk will either be drafted and take Orton's place or drop the belt to random heel #1 for super cena to take over. Dark days ahead. Oh yeah and the rock will crack some vagina jokes when he's there.
  4. Tomorrow there is meant to be a story-line made that will last a year. I thought it would be HHH vs HBK but it doesn't look likely. Unless Brock returns I'm guessing it's Cena/Rock orientated.
  5. Uh Punk will not be draft as Punk is number 1 guy as for as I am consues! With Cena loseing has had not lose everything as he said in his promo! So the only thing he can do is be jersous and turn heel!


    not it can't be then again!!!!!!!!!!!! Irt either undertaker vs. rock at wm29 or undertaker vs. john cena at wm29!!!!!!
  6. Nope the chances are we'll get another year of cheesey Cena promos of him training to get stronger leading to the rematch.
  7. HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WTF GUY???????????????
  8. seabs I feel your pain. I usually do that when I really hate what an outcome is. But we got to look at the plus side. I mean anything could happen tomorrow and tomorrow something big has got to happen.
  9. What plus side? We've got Cena stuck in the same stale ass gimmick because they blew their shot with him for at least a year. The only good thing to come from Mania was a match between the two once a year guys the rest sucked more dick then Kelly Kelly at a creative meeting.
  10. Like Ron simmons would say.....

    to seabs = DAMN!
  11. I love how negative everyone is after WM. Like everyone really thought tonight would be the end all be all of PPVs lmao. Oh well, at least now you guys finally see the light, WWE is a long drawn out joke with an unfunny punch line.
  12. Yeah....Back to NBA playoff tracking! Lol can't wait for the playoffs start the day before Extreme Rules.
  13. Admittedly I probably set my expectation too high but for nothing to happen at all at the so called biggest show of them all is awful.
  14. WWE knows they can get away with it so they don't even try. The sad but true current state of mainstream professional wrestling.
  15. People are talking cena-rock again, or undertaker-brock or even Rock-Brock, but one dream match no-ones mentioned is Austin-Punk.
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  16. ALL HAIL @[Bench] ....

    OMG your username sounds like a brand name here at the Philippines OK nevermind.
  17. "If an old wrestler returns to the WWE, what will come of the undertaker? And do please reply with a real answer, because he's no retiring, he's winning. Bi-winning."

    Taker is bi?? :laugh:
  18. I believe its a charlie sheen reference.
  19. That would be correct. Sheen rules.
  20. sorr that was not me some heck toook over my PC 1 day ago idk how?
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