So WWE Heavyweight Champion FTJ vs. Seabs for the WWE Champion! At the Royal Rumble!

Discussion in 'IWT Archives' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Jan 7, 2013.

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  1. [size=x-large]So WWE Heavyweight Champion FTJ vs. Seabs for the WWE Heavyweight Champion! At the Royal Rumble!

    So Seabs you think you take MY WWE Heavyweight Champion? HAHAHA OH HELL NO! AS I AM THE BEST FORUMER IN THE WORLD! I have the :pipebomb: ER AWARD TO PROVE! I am the BEST! EVERYONE HE KNOW IT!YOU HALF TO BE ME I DON'T HALF TO BE YOU! Draw, DQ or Countout I keep the WWE Heavyweight Champion! But that will not made b/c I will stomp a mud hole and walk drive on you! And after the Rumble I will STILL BE YOU WWE Heavyweight Champion! You see the rule are you pick the right matchest at the Rumble PPV to win me in a tie I still win as it a draw which mean I am still the Champion! And if 1 of though matchest that u pick end in a DQ and it was u pick I keep the title by DQ u win but don't win the title as it DQ same with a if it have been to a guy u pick that get count out![/size]​

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  2. I smell a screwjob coming.

    Crayo McMahon got this.
  3. did u not read rule me keep title is in my favioer. :smug:
  4. You don't make the rules. You're a competitor. :pipebomb:
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  5. This is cancelled, prick.
  7. Yes I do I AM THE CHAMPION DUMB ASS! And I already made the trade with Seabs so that match is have been I promise he would 1st guy to face me one on one! for the title!
  8. I am canceling this along with Christmas. @"Big Hoss Rambler" come here and ABSR your power.
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  10. I can't but Big Hoss can. :gusta:
  11. HE NOT THE BOSS THIS Britanica IS DUMB ASS! And she said i defend it against anyone!
  12. You ever dance with the devil by the pale moonlight?
  13. Yes it is, Crayo just cofirmed it. And stop crying for the love of everything.
  14. Crayo did not COFIRMED SHIT HE HE DO NOT RUN THIS TITLE! I am vsing Seabs and that FIANL ASSHOLE NOW :gtfo: !
  15. He runs this place, he don't care about the heels, the babyfaces, the good guys, the bad guys, he just cares about money dude.

    So stop doucheing around and say when's our faceoff for the REAL face, fat boy. :woo1:
  16. Re: So WWE Heavyweight Champion FTJ vs. Seabs for the

    @Testify I challenge you to a match, I'll even put my number one contendership on the line.

    Ding ding.

    Le Fingerpoke

    Wait he has me pinned nooooooooo


    :booker: oh ma goodness he's shocked the world Testify with Challenge FTJ at the royal cum swallow ppv.

    :hogan: its shit like this that's caused the company to be in the state it is

    :russo: lol bye.
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  17. RE: So WWE Heavyweight Champion FTJ vs. Seabs for the

    Seabs won. New champion. title riped off Randy and given to Seabs.
  18. :dafuq: is this.

    Even I am shocked at this emusculating, breaking news. OMG
  19. So WWE Heavyweight Champion FTJ vs Seabs for the WWE Champion at the Royal Rumble!

    ye man i care bout my 1.00 a month, you noobs ain't taking that off me.
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