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  1. Who wants to have an office promo battle with me?
    No belts or anything.
  2. Breaking down my door... AGAIN!? :mad:
    HOW DARE YOU! :angry:

    You are now being fined, drug tested, & slapped in the face!
    *slaps across the face*

    If you have something to say, say it to my face! :mad:
  3. Enters GM's Office

    Yo GM, what the hell, me and the neanderthal who broke down this door had a damn draw, I am the damn Cruiserweight Champion and No.1 Contender for the European Champion, I am the MVP, no Most Valueable Mid-Carder you have. I don't do draws, & I blame you for letting it happen. Your the boss, it is your responsibility. I have 2 wins and now a draw to my record against the guy who has more loses in IWT, I expect something to be done, and done soon
  4. While I feel you are holding yourself too high above the ball... :pity:
    I will invoke a rematch. Winner will be awarded $10NP Cash from me.

    @"dat kid"
  5. i'll battle :datass:
  6. I refuse to be in a rematch. I have pressing matters to attend to. Sack couldn't get the job done and that's just a fact he will have to live with for the rest of his career, well I guess he's used to not getting the job done anyhow given his past failures.
  7. :mad2:

    Your match was a draw because you BOTH didn't draw enough attention. Did you hear the crowd?.. NO YOU DID NOT! I heard frickin crickets! It is your job as a champion to uphold the match. Draws should not happen in this company & it only goes to show how little you cared to be in the match in the first place. Where is your leadership? Where is your vigor? It is a piss poor example you are setting for other champions. I wouldn't be surprised if you were using marijuana and breaking drug violations at this point. Your laziness, your recent weight gain, you love for fast food chains... Its pure disgust. How about you put the Big Mac down, hand over whatever you are holding & hit the gym!? You are proving everyone right about America & the US belt you are holding is just a mirror image that reflects the pasty, fat ass of America. Are you really a champ? Or are you just a chump? When I look at you I see a byproduct of America's lack of self-esteem & self worth.. chemically altered... tested on animals & filled to the T with drugs, high fructose corn syrup & no drive once so ever to live life. Something like a mop without a pale. Useless. So shape up & act like a champion or make your way to the door. Your choice. I don't pay you to just "get by" I pay you to be a winner, so win dammit!
  8. Dat Kid smashed your uh, back doors, in.
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  9. How dare you! I have putting asses in these arenas for you for months and you're saying I can't draw a crowd? Who are you anyway? I thought Jonathan was the GM since you take so much time off. How about you pay attention to what's happening in your company instead of bickering about a rematch that no one wants to see....

    but I'll tell you what, you want me to fight Sack, I'll fight him under three conditions. The first condition being this, no matter if I win or lose this match, Parker gets a WWE Championship title shot. The second condition is if I beat Sack I want a one on one title shot with the World Heavyweight Champion. The third condition is that the match between me and Sack, is a Steel Cage match at Extreme Rules.
  11. He can't prostied u a world title match that u don't desavred anyway! :lol1: And after ER. I WILL BE THE WORLD CHAMPION! AND I PROSTIED THAT U GET TITLE IF I AM WORLD CHAMPION! ASU DON'T DESAVRED IT!
  12. Where is this office?

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  13. You're not winning Gohan, you suck. I beat you by a high margin
  14. I STRIAGHT EDGE! And u draw as u prove in ur match. this is why not ever going to world champion u can't draw dude. like braitia said u should have been able to carry ur own weight but u did not.
  15. :facepalm:
    My threads always turn into an argument with Gohan.
  16. I beat you and that's all that matters. Whether I draw or not doesn't matter, I am a better competitor than you. The fact that you have a WHC match after coming off your Wrestlemania match is completely illogical. I have proved I can carry my own weight, the weight of two titles, and kick your ass at the same time. Gohan your logic is flawed, go to bed, you're drunk.
  17. *slams big flat screen TV*

    If you want to fight it out, take it to the ring.
  18. Again u own won b/c of i was in hopaoisl battle food postion and was unable to be there to promo my match at wm29 with u. u ownly won with 6 votes that not a good number and could easy have beat if i was online. and u mid card that why don't get a title shot were i am a eastelse main eventer!
  19. :pipebomb: