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  1. The scene opens to an old monk building, various monks are meditating, as the camera passes we see Sackfist in the corner dressed in the same beige ropes that the other monks are dressed in, still bald as the other monks dress, as he meditates. We fade to a close up on him as he finishes his meditation, he takes in a deep breathe and exhales

    "After my match with Farooq, after our match he went through hell, a journey he took in my shoes, and to the eyes of many, he ended up with nothing to show for his travels, but in my eyes, he got one of life's many lessons. I didn't expect to learn more, but Farooq showed me I have much more to learn, I have been encouraged to enter the realm of temptation so that I may remain a stable monk to who I am today"

    "It is time for IWT's example to return to his domain and prove that I no longer have a demon on my shoulder, no longer do I hear the whispers of greed and it is time for me to seek perfect competition, to fight for the sport and for the lessons I shall learn both in defeat and victory, it is time for the Monk to leave the domain of bliss and enter the true hell, the hell known as IWT"

    Sackfist takes a deep breathe and pulls a towel from the bucket infront of him, putting it over his head as the feed ends
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  4. It's what I do. You and most of creative know it, but apparently I'm not getting the credit I deserve. It is what it is I guess son.