Storyline Some payback

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  1. Farooq is shown at the parking garage, sitting on his Seventy Two Harley Davidson as he's drinking a beer. "Ah, now that I have some energy..." Farooq said as he tossed the bottle, the glass shattering on David's hood. "Oops, well better get all of the glass off." Farooq said as he picks up a steel New York Mets bat beside his bike. He then goes over to David's car and starts hitting the hood with the bat. "Damn, got all of the glass off, but he might notice the dents." Farooq said as he tapped his chin. "Oh I got it." Farooq then began to slam the bat on every section of the car, leaving dents everywhere. "Perfect...but....lets give this car something special..."

    Farooq walked over to the other side of his bike, there was a can of pink paint. He opens the can with a pocket knife he got from his sports coat. He then threw the paint all over David's car, covering most of it from top to bottom. "Oh look, I messed up David's headlights...better add some glass for drivers can see him at night." Farooq said, as he took the book and smashed David's windshield. "Perfect." Farooq said as he whistled. He lastly, walked over to his bike once more and picked up a bag of sugar. He went over to David's gas tank and emptied the bag into there. Afterwards, he stabbed all of David's tires with his pocket knife and put it away. "There you go David, can't wait for our match soon." Farooq said with a laugh, getting onto his motorcycle and leaving the parking garage.