Some really weird shit happened last night :S

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by William, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. Okay hey guys, not sure if I've mentioned it here before but I'll just say it now if I haven't. Since my family moved into this new house after about a year or so some **** started cutting our fence, the first time we didn't know anyone was there and the second time my brother spotted him and chased him but ended up losing him in some bush land up the other end of town. It all stopped for a while then until the last month when it started back up.

    On the first and second time they did it they only cut 1 hole but last night (early this morning about 3am - 4am) whoever it was cut 3 massive fucking holes in it but that's not even the creepy part for me because I went out back for a smoke around 3:30am - 4am I thought I heard something down the side of the house but I just assumed it was the dog as that was an area he went in frequently so I thought nothing of it. I then went into my room and swear I saw somebody looking through my window. I went and had a quick look outside it and couldn't spot anyone so I just thought it was my mind playing tricks.

    When I woke up today I heard my mum and sister talkingh about it, so I asked what happened and they told me. It honestly creeped me the fuck out that someone was actually at my window and looking in but it also made me pissed off that I didn't go outside and actually check.

    Anyway since I have a retarded sleeping pattern (around 4 or 5am I go to sleep) I've set up my webcam at my window which gives a full view of the area and I'm just gonna chill all night watching tv while watching the webcam. I'm really hoping that they decide to show up because 1 I could capture video of them doing it so the police will actually do something and 2 so I can introduce them to my good friend Bob (Big metal pole :haha:)

    Anyway I just thought I'd share this cause it's creeped me out pretty damn bad haha
  2. You would have gotten worked if you went outside to check on some goon.
  3. Pretty funny story. You should beat him up.
  4. My money is on the stalker/goon to humble William. with or without a big pole.

    lol, big pole.
  5. I would be massively creeped out if someone was looking in my windows. I hope you catch the freaks on camera so this can all be put to a stop by the authorities and you and your family can start feeling at ease in your home again.
  6. The police haven't done anything and we've reported every single one. I think I'll deal with this one my self :aries:
  7. Someone trying to rob you? Thieves make my blood boil, so feel free to knock his block off if you seize the chance.

    Thankfully, I have no windows in the room that I sleep in.
  8. You live in a dungeon bro? :rock:
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