Some Shake Up's!

Discussion in 'ICW' started by Roadster, Apr 22, 2014.

  1. Eric walks down to the ring with swag and get's in the ring and get's a mic as his music cuts.

    Ladies and gentleman, my name is Eric Bischoff and i am the new ICW get that? N.E.W ICW OWNER! You see i'm the reason that Nick, Ultimate Warrior and....Hulk Hogan! signed with this place! Roadster was annoying biotch and now it's me and me only running this place!

    And now i think i lay something on you people nice and simple. I'm the reason ICW is growing! We rapidly expanded out PPV schedule because of ME! We got Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior and Nick and ALMOST D'z to sign why? Because of MEEEEE!

    Lord Lee....He didn't walk out...I fired him via UPS! Kaz Miller was able to make it but i gave him the day off...why? Because CM Punk is the best in the world! I ran WCW up and down. I will run ICW up and i will become the big one!

    I'm the man that will take ICW in a new direction, a new stage of greatness because at Wrestling Challenge....Hulk Hogan will battle for the I..C..W United States Championship...and if he wins that...he becomes the #1 contender for the ICW World title at Bash at Jersey. Which is another platform that will rock the ICW and E-fed world to it's core! Thank you! and good night!