Storyline Someone is back...

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  1. *The arena goes dark*
    *Lucas Hacksaw's theme hits*

    *Crowd are silent, confused as to who it is*
    *Lucas Hacksaw walks out to a mixed reaction*
    Man, it is great to be back! I see a lot of you have missed me while others, not so much... Those who boo me are the ones who boo the heroes of this company. The ones who suck up to all of you so they can get commission for merchandise sales. The ones who say how great you are so they can feel popular. If you ask me, they are completely selfish. All they care about is their low paying pay check they receive at the end of the month. When one of you approaches them and just says hello, they will grunt. They will moan. Then they will turn around and be as jolly as Santa just to earn your money. It's the truth. I know because I speak the truth, whether you want to believe it or not. Another truth is that i'm simply the best. Do you want to know why I haven't received many matches in the IWT? It is because everyone is scared of me. They know they are, they shall deny it so they don't look like a pussy but secretly, they are. My theme describes them very well. Did you not hear it the first time? Shall we have another listen? Hit it, Jobber!

    I have been thinking as of late... what would happen to the company if their top stars all got beaten down and were unable to wrestle ever again? Well, fear not! We shall find out very shortly...

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