Something I wanna point out to do with the WWE network

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  1. Something I wanna point out to do with the WWE network so obviously there putting all content on this thing from years ago when WWE wasent PG and it was adult viewing so it got me thinking with todays WWE being PG when the network is purchased by kids and they watch all the graphic stuff from years ago isnt that just making the company look bad and parents seeing this and thinking my god my child cant watch this. Also when kids watch the content that happened years ago there gonna think the stuff that happened back then is better than the stuff WWE is showing now so that puts WWE in a tough spot with how shitty their product looks now. Any of you get what im saying? and please dont spam this thread I want honest answers
  2. It's hard to say. How many people are actually going to watch old content aside from smarks who've already seen it? Regular viewers wouldn't bother, so I doubt it'll taint the current product too much. Besides, nobody's going to stop watching just because the past was better.
  3. Its obviously going to have warnings. Such a dumb thing to ask.
  4. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what they bring out with it.

    I would assume they would have a parental lock on there.
  5. Don't think kids nowadays care about 1999 WWF stuff. They wanna see Cena overcome the odds, woohoo!
    And the ones who do care already know the product was better back then.
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  6. Will they have old wrestlemaina matches like Hulk vs Andre.

    I've always wanted to watch that!
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    If you are in the US, federal banking regulations prevent you from even being on a checking account until you are 18 years old, which means no debit card, or credit card. This means that the kids won't be buying the WWE network, the parents will. So, hopefully there is a parental safety feature for the butt-hurt parents. I watched it all as a kid, and it didn't affect my life at all.

    Some banks will let you have a savings account at 16 though, with an ATM card, and you can use that ATM card like a debit card anywhere that accepts cards through the ATM networks that your bank accepts, just not through the credit card system, which I think WWE Network uses.
  8. There is a a parental setting on the network that is password protected. If the parent cares enough, they can block anything too graphic.
  9. *blocks everything but the Viagra on a pole match in WCW* :jeritroll:
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  10. It has a parental lock feature. Meaning that adults can block certain material from their kids.

    If the kids still get ahold of raunchy material its because either:
    a: Kid is sneaky
    b: parents don't care and believe that they can raise their kids proper by talking with their child and making them understand.
    c: parents b dumb.
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  11. Yea man people have no idea WWE used to be better, this network will blow the cover of their current shitty product! SOmeone send this thread to vince, quick, bocklckerfuckforluck is onto something here!
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  12. You wood. :dawg:
  13. :lol1:
  14. You're not allowed your own bank account till your 16/18 in the us? lol didn't even know that I've had mine since I was 12/13
  15. Kids can have savings account with ATM/Debit cards ,its all they need. I'm sure your account was similar to that and you didn't have a full on bank account.
  16. Maybe I dunno a bank account is a bank account to me
  17. just saying, same shit both places.
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  18. This whole network is gonna expose WWE to the younger viewers and may end up losing viewers from how shitty the product is now
  19. Depends how you look at it. On the other hand, they will be totally satisfied going back and watching 20 + years of ppvs/programming. That might take awhile to get through.

    Also, you continue to get current programming and ppv's for the same cost? I think they will be fine
  20. By that logic, wouldn't it inspire them to make the current product better?