Storyline Song time with Gav the Chav

Discussion in 'Internet Wrestling Titles' started by Gav in da BPL!, May 22, 2016.

  1. (Gav the chav) noe yhrn you fucking cheeky ****s gavd been away working on a new song for it goes a bit the classical thats a Jonathan but with a little twist to it here it goes

    Oh when your sat in row Z
    And the ball hits you in the head its zamora

    When you spill blue pop
    On your mackam top
    Its a @Jonathan

    When the girl has to play with her drum coz you cant make her cum it a @Tumbas

    When you chew on your cum
    Like its fucking @Bubblegum thats a @THG?

    When your fucking a horse
    And you show no remorse
    Well thats @Ovaldinho

    When you get fucking kick
    Cos you have a small dick
    Thats a @WUKOffical

    When your sound production career is over
    And all you can do now is bend over
    thats a @rydogg

    When your sister is fit
    and you can't do shit
    Thats a @Shadow

    When your sat on the dole
    And all you do is play with your bumhole
    thats @Aids Johnson

    when your bashing the Bishop all over the Archbishop
    thats @DK James

    when you try to be blunt
    but your just an absolute ****
    Thats @Tsar

    when your hard as fuck
    And your built like a truck well thats me you fucking cheeky ****s!!
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  2. Ahhhhh yes, good to see you back at it, Gav.
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  3. Fuck yea! Chav is still around, it's not IWT without this man
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  4. what in the fuck is a dole? Your mom uses an Aids™ Dildo, chav you ****y.
  5. Urmm essentially someone who is unemployed living off the state

    @The Real GOAT seabs your supposed to only use chav branded dildos
  6. So a Chav.
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  8. Oh shit your still here?!
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