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  1. *Robert Blake appears on the titantron in a dark room. He has a happy look as he begins to speak*

    Robert Blake: Where have I been? I've been watching....I've been thinking. What can I do here? I had great feuds and great matches in other companies....I made myself one of the number one guys and I don't want to do it again. It's hard to do what I did and I just don't feel like doing it anymore. I see people like The Amazing H getting their high rise already and this pisses me off. I'm better than any of those souls back there and they know it. All those guys back there....I know most of them. Let me tell you a story. We were young wrestlers in a company that we thought was the best thing in the world. We all had great matches and feuds but one day we got the call....."We're shutting our doors. Thank you for everything" and then the owner closed what we loved! The owner had no care in the world but screw him. We all tried our best to become something before the death of this place and I did become something....I became a champion and I was so happy. But they didn't care....The GM didn't even make it official and put my name on the wall of champions. Want to know why? Because it doesn't matter. I made myself one of the best in the wrong damn place! I was fighting legends in a sinking ship.....And I had the choice....Die with it or rise. The truth is I didn't pick and that's why I am here. I'm at the point of no return.....Leave or become what I was destined to be. I've done a lot in the wrestling world and I will always be remembered for that. But....I want to add a lot more before I give this damn thing up. I will be back soon and I will destroy your false idols and get my revenge for the dishonor done to me in the past. The time of terror is coming.....Hide!

    *Robert Blake laughs as the segment ends*
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