Storyline Sooner or Later....

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  1. *B.Dazzle slowly makes his way down to the ring going with the beat of the music. He walks around the ring and grabs a mic. He jumps up to the apron and leaps inside the ring and begins to speak.*

    B.Dazzle: Now, B.Dazzle knows what you all may be thinking. What is this? What is with the darker music? What is with the more serious look and walk? Let B.Dazzle explain something to you all. He holds two titles. Did you hear that? He holds TWO titles, yet people don't look at him as a threat. They don't look at him as someone to take serious. They see B.Dazzle as a joke. They seem him as a comedy relief that just got lucky to be a champion in this company. Some of you may be thinking that this sounds crazy, but it's true. No matter who I face and then beat, their first reaction is that "Wow! You're much better than I thought you would be." Can you people believe this? A double champion is being people he's beaten. You think anyone looks at B.Dazzle and thinks that I'm smart, strong, or fast? No, no they don't. They see B.Dazzle as nothing but a joke, a joke that is carrying his titles off of a prayer. They look at him and shake their heads. To find someone who respects B.Dazzle is rare, because their are only a select few who actually have given me the respect and appreciation that B.Dazzle has fought for. They don't seem to understand that B.Dazzle isn't someone you decide to take lightly. Under this joking, non-serious personality is someone who is angry and ready to destroy anyone who decides to mess with him. But what happens? People still don't see him as a contender in this industry. They don't see him as someone who can say that he will be a future world champ. It seems all these people want from me is to joke around, and don't get B.Dazzle wrong, he is still going to cut jokes, but it's time people realized that not everything B.Dazzle does is a game. If people want to mess with B.Dazzle, that's their mistake. If they've decided that life is too long and want to be put down, B.Dazzle has no problem being their reaper.

    *B.Dazzle looks around with a menacing grin on his face.*

    B.Dazzle: This brings B.Dazzle to another serious topic. His I.C title has been stolen. Stolen by a man that doesn't have the balls to come down to this ring and fight him like a man. B.Dazzle has been what he said he has been, and that's overlooked. This mystery man thinks he's going after an easy target. He thinks that a match against B.Dazzle will be easy. He thinks that he is better than B.Dazzle. Well let B.Dazzle tell him something, if you want to face the consequences for your actions then go ahead and keep what you're doing up. If you want to be punished for the sins that you have done, then you keep doing what you are doing. If you want to be executed by the hands of B.Dazzle, then keeping out the warnings. Keep doing what you are doing, but just remember this one thing. This is something B.Dazzle wants you to remember for the rest of your career. Right now your life is standing on a rope. Your life is tumbling on a rope. Your losing your balance and your about to fall. Remember this when you face B.Dazzle! Sooner or later......God's going to cut you down!
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