Storyline Sore, hostile loser

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  1. Purple, blue and white lights flash erratically. Rita poses at the top of the ramp, impeccably dressed in a pin stripe halter, shorts and black boots. She smiles coyly and strides down the ramp to slide under the bottom rope.

    Rita: We've had a quiet start to 2015 here at IWT. Well that is about to change, the road to IWTMania begins soon with the Royal Rumble. I may not have been here to take part in the past, but this year you can bet that I'll be making my presence known.

    Previously, I've made my intentions clear. I'm here to rid the company of the deadwood-The weaklings and has beens. This starts at the IWT Royal Rumble and it starts with Marcus Anthony.

    *The crowd pops*

    An ex champion, the great leader of a now defunct stable. A sore, hostile loser.
    So what do you say Marcus? You want to show the world that you still have something worth talking about?

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  2. Marcus Anthony walks out to the top of the ramp with a mic in hand and looks around at the crowd jeering him.

    He starts down the ramp and begins to speak

    Marcus: THIS *points around the arena* is what I'm used to. Let the hate flow through you it only makes me stronger.

    *Marcus reaches the ring and walks up the steps and through the ring ropes*

    Marcus: You....Rita Kendal....calling me a weakling? *Marcus snickers* I guess in struggling to figure out where your train of thought came to the conclusion of me being someone that you can just take out. I do have to give you credit Kendal, to call someone out and start your road to IWTMania against a former champion. Someone who has defeated champions. Someone who has lead the greatest stable this company has EVER SEEN!

    *Marcus has a cold look in his eye and gets nose to nose with Rita*

    You wanna make a name for yourself IWT Barbie? I hope you're not afraid of the dark....I accept
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