Space Ghost Coast to Coast interview with Farooq 2

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    Space Ghost: Hello and welcome back to Space Ghost coast to coast! Today, we have a returning guest. IWT superstar and AMW owner, Farooq!

    *crowd applauds as Farooq walks into the area*

    Space Ghost: Glad to have you back here Farooq, and nice to have a guest actually show up on the show instead of the monitor.

    Farooq: Thanks, it's pretty DAMN! good to be back. *chuckles lightly*

    Zorak: Your wife said DAMN! When I showed up to her bed last night. huehuehue

    Farooq: That's because she's never seen a one inch dick before.

    *crowd laughs as Zorak glares at Farooq*

    Space Ghost: Anyways, to the first question. It's been such a long time since you've been on the show. You're going to have a shot to enter an elimination chamber for the biggest title in IWT, what do you have to say about your opponent, whom you have fought before, Sackfist.

    Farooq: Well, it's going to be a challenge *chuckles*. Sackfist is one of the top competitors, not just in IWT, but today overall. Personally, I would like to fight him in the Chamber because I think a match featuring the both of us for the championship. Regardless, we both have had the same type of career. Starting off in the midcard, working our way to the top and now getting a shot at the title. Of course, only one of us can be the IWT champion. Regardless of my respect level, he's not going to be the one, I am. I'm not going to hold back, I've come to far just to hand someone else the victory, and nor do I plan to. That's all I have to say, the rest will be in the match between us.

    Space Ghost: I would hope to see a great match between you two, I still remember the first one. Anyways, we've gotten some letters from the fans, and they would like to know, why did you go off after your match with Dat Kid and Victoria? You've seem to gain locker room hate and lost some fans.

    Farooq: Yeah, well it's my attitude at the time. It doesn't really excuse the reason as to why I did it, I gave it my all, my partner gave it his all and we were in sync and hit hard, but at the end of the day a lost is a lost. Nothing can change it no matter how big of a fit I throw.

    Space Ghost: I hope people understand. Now, lets talk about your AMW company, what drove you to create it, especially now during IWT Road to Wrestlemania season?

    Farooq: Well it's more of the fact I wanted to give other people who either wanted matches or wanted to participate in another fed, a chance to fight. Right now we're small, but we have our first two shows booked and first Pay-Per-View. Our first show is coming to an end, with the crowning of our AMW United States champion and our Pay-Per-View we'll crown our first World Heavyweight champion. I personally hope that we grow more, and our activity will continue to be active with the bigger of the roster we get.

    Space Ghost: Interesting, and how long do you think the company will last?

    Zorak: If it's like you in the bed, I give it a minute. huehuehue

    Farooq: *ignores Zorak* I think we'll last, well forever. Haha, I'll always have backup plans for everything, and I've stayed dedicated to booking this company, even if our roster grows smaller I'll just make more and more backup plans, hell I'll throw in a broom and a fan if I have to. *crowd and Farooq laughs* But really, AMW will last a long time, I'll make sure of that.

    Space Ghost: Good to see dedication for a company! Just one last question, if you do become IWT Champion, what will you do?

    Farooq: Well I'll be champion *chuckles* I can say what I'll do, but I prefer to have everybody watch, once I become champion, and show everybody how a real champion will be. You'll have to wait and see though everybody.

    Space Ghost: Well that's all the time we have now, it's glad to see you Farooq again, and I hope you'll join us for a third time!

    Zorak: Wait! I want to fight Farooq in match on AMW!

    Farooq: ....What?

    Zorak: You heard me! Preshow, Zorak vs Farooq!!

    Farooq: ...*looks at the crowd as they chant, Book it! Book it!* Well, alright then! American Bash preshow, Zorak vs Farooq!

    *crowd cheers as they cut to commercial*
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