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  1. I always laugh at some of things I get in my e-mail in the junk folder.
    I get things for music groups I never listened to, blank meet blank things, penis enlargement, senior hook ups and so on.

    What are some things you get in your spam/trash box on your e-mail that make no sense once so ever?
  2. deth! :angry:

    Did you even read the thread or did you read it and decided to put that disgusting meat in it!?
  3. I usually get enlarge ur penis emails, ones telling me my bank account has been disabled (from a bank I dont bank with), had one claiming to be the police saying I'd looked at inappropriate sites and that I had to pay £500 to get out of it, erm Nigerian Princes, gambling sites, dating sites, oh and always always easy ways to make money.
  4. That's not spam my friend :pipebomb:

    I tend to get "You've won 1 million pounds" and a ton of companies offering me products.
  5. :upset::upset::upset::upset:

    LMAO nice use of the pipebomb.
  6. Haha :yay:

    Maybe it was me sending those emails? :mog: :nope:
  7. Sending them to make urself feel better? :obama:
  8. :okay:

    My right hand is never disappointed :otunga:


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  9. :lol1::lol1:

    I think the why smiley has to be my fave on here.
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