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  1. *The scene opens up with the camera focusing on the beaming sun, before hearing someone walk into frame.*
    Over here.

    *The scene now shifts to Alias Antonio, stood up with his back against what seems to be a Range Rover, in a very rural-like landscape. He has his typical beanie on plus the denim leather jacket. Alias has an undoubtedly earnest look on his face after the past couple of weeks.*
    I know. This is a slightly different landscape than I'm normally used to cutting promos in. There's sun! Brightness! Luster! See, not everything is all dark and dim and evil and gloomy.

    But that's not who I am.

    I am exactly every bit of dark and evil and sinister as I say I am. I don't have to prove anymore points to assure each and every one of you imbeciles involved in IWT of who I am. I've left an unmitigated path of extirpation over the years that no matter how many facelifts IWT tries to have, it will eternally be etched in stone as I AM the cornerstone of this whole damn company. My importance and legacy to this company will never reach bygone days because there's no such thing as a bygone Alias Antonio. I bring innovation to what is an awfully archaic promotion every damn time I steal the show.

    But stealing the show is not even my focus anymore, it just comes naturally.

    I've made my intentions here clear time and time and time and time and time and time again that I'm even starting to piss off myself.

    This Spawn motherfucker tested me and fortunately for everyone in this roster he will be used as an ignorant scapegoat. It serves it's purpose to an absolute tee, really. It sends a bestial message to all the new blood here these days who like to believe they're something in the current scheme of things, which couldn't be more of a fallacy. It also serves to remind the old relics still lurking around who the GUY is.

    Aids, Michael. I share history with both of you. I hate both of you to death. No matter who comes out of that as IWT champ will be nothing but yet another inevitable scapegoat for me, so hurry the fuck up already and lets get this over and done with.

    *Alias seems to be done as he's about to leave, but suddenly turns back.*
    One more thing. Spawn, you seem to be forgetting who the fuck I am. You seem to be forgetting that Satan's Street Fight falls right down my alley. Behind that facade you hide in, you seem to be forgetting that I'm God's Worst Nightmare, and soon to be yours. What you've done in the course of IWT career will be considered TAME compared to what I'm gonna unleash at IWT Survival.

    I ended Joey Bryant. I ended Dat Kid. Join the list, my friend.

    *Scene fades out.*
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