Storyline Special Guest Referee Match - Dat Kid vs Trip

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  1. The arena is blanketed in purple and a billow of smoke rises from the stage.

    The titantron shows a silhouette walking across the titantron and then jumping into the smoke. Moments later Dat Kid creeps out of the smoke and makes his way to the ring. He's in ring attire, although he's not scheduled for a match. He steps into the ring casually and is handed a mic.

    So I've been sitting on my ass for the past couple of days hoping that our esteemed genital manager would give me a match. I mean, i chopped up his desk and his stock photo family, so I figured he would maybe put me in a handicap match, or a no holds barred match, or make me face Alias since everyone seems to think that flash in the pan is going to beat me again.

    Kid rolls his eyes.

    Well, Trip has done what he's best at, nothing. The most he's done this week brown nose Victoria Parker and yet when it comes to me, the man who's going to put him on the shelf next week, I get nothing. So if I'm not going to get anything out of you, I'm just going to take what I want.

    I'm issuing an open challenge to anyone in the back. This is your big chance to prove yourself. Oh I'm sorry, this challenge is not open to The Artist formerly known as the Road Reaper, god knows we're tired of me whipping his ass.

    Dat Kid waits patiently.

    Someone's going to come out here or I'm going to drag the first person I see to this ring and-

    The crowd pops and gets on their feet. Dat Kid has a shocked look on his face as he drops the mic and stands ready.

    A midget Trip in a bloody butcher's outfit walks out with knife in hand. The midget has a fierce look on his face as he walks to the ring. Dat Kid stands up and looks confused.

    Midget Trip runs at Dat Kid with his butcher's knife and Kid jokingly runs away, picking up his mic. Kid turns around and holds the midget by his head, while the midget swings his arms

    Woah! Hold on a second!
    The midget stops swinging at Kid.
    You look different Trip...Did you get taller?
    The midget starts swinging at Kid again
    Wait, hold on buddy.
    The midget stops again.
    You want to fight me now? What about the pay-per-view? You don't want to save the match til then.
    The midget starts swinging again and Dat Kid continues to hold him back. Kid turns to the fans.
    I don't know, do you guys wanna see Dat Kid vs Trip right now?
    The audience boos
    Well who am I to deny the audience what they want. Can we get a referee out here?

    The audience pops, but some are confused why he's using his old titantron. The midget Joey Bryant wearing a ref's shirt walks out, struggling to drag the IWT Championship out to the ring. He eventually gives up and just walks to the ring.

    Alright this is bullshit! Not only are Joey Bryant and Trip both using growth hormones, but now I have to fight Trip with Joey as the ref?! Fine, ring the damn bell!

    Midget Joey Bryant rings the bell and Kid turns around to hand the mic off. Trip runs at Dat Kid and right when Kid turns around, he Trip's over trip (no pun intended). The audience starts laughing. Trip runs over to pin Dat Kid, but is struck across the face as he hits the ground. Kid gets up and begins to stomp the shit out of Trip as the audience laughter turns into booing.

    Midget Joey Bryant tries to separate Kid from Trip and Kid lifts Bryant up and tosses him all the way to the announce table. Kid drags the lifeless Trip over to the ring ropes where he ties him up between the middle and bottom rope. Kid runs to the adjacent ring rope and hits Trip with a big boot. Kid does it again five times until Trip becomes untied with the force of the last kick, falling out of the ring.

    Dat Kid picks up Trip and slams him on the ring apron. He picks up Trip and ties him to the top rope and lets him hang there like he's done many others. Kid sits on the apron as the camera comes closer to get a better shot. Kid turns to the camera and looks at it if he knew Trip was watching.
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  2. Asking what Aids thinks about the match for Trip vs Dat Kid, and how it will draw causes a confusing look on the face of the greatest Hall of Fame member in the IWT. He looks left to right, before being shown the promo on an ipod for 30 seconds, before Aids hands it back to the staff member, before staring into the camera, saying "Why would a future hall of famer face off vs the jobber gm of the century?" Aids hands off the mic halfway before taking it back. "To make sure you understand what i mean, Trip is our GM and would have defeated From before becoming GM, and Dat Kid jobbed out to Jonathan. FNW vs IWT? Order vs That Failed Curch in Jersey? Let's be serious."

    When he is asked what he means, Aids only responds quickly "I have a MITB belt to win, if you want to ask what happens when the belts are unified, the only names I want to hear are Alias and Bryant. I don't speculate on midcard matches vs current GM's, their track records speak for themselves."
  3. You know what's coming next right? #irrelevant
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  5. *Trip is shown in his office watching the Dat Kid promo laughing hysterically*

    TRIP: Oh hahahaha, look at the midgets! Come on thats comedy gold! But seriously, am I supposed to be intimidated because he just beat up a midget version of me? I mean....I LOVE this. Ratings just got a huge boost. Dat Kid really knows how to reel em in. Thanks for that push big guy. Glad you didn't have to shed any tears this time.

    *Trip looks at the camera puzzled for a moment*

    TRIP: I don't know WHAT the hell Aids is talking about. Who told a camera crew to follow THAT guy around, sheesh. Oh yeah, and your sweatshirts sell like shit! Hahahahaha!

    *Camera fades out*
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