Spoiler - Footage of Dean Ambrose's new finisher

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, May 2, 2013.

  1. The headlock driver. Sami Callihan's old finisher. Nice move.
  2. Hmm...just okay
  3. The move is good, that face first move fits with him
  4. The good - it's better than nothing
    The bad - too long to set up and looks horribly choreographed

    Overall :meh: / 10
  5. Most of his old finishers have taken a lot of time to set up and have been choreographed.
    The hook and ladder was a Elevated double chickenwing wheelbarrow facebuster.
    The one hitter was a Vertical suplex lifted and dropped into a DDT
    The midnight special was and Air raid siren piledriver.

    Dean seems comfortable with choreographed moves. It's not really a bad thing since he is a very character based wrestler but I can agree that it might get slow at times, especially at a faster opponent.
  6. Nice wiki'ing :emoji_wink:

    But I agree.
  7. Him being comfortable is fine but it doesn't stop it looking lame.
  8. It was easier to just copy paste the technical names of the moves than writing them out. Didn't know that XF autocopied links as well though.

    I wonder if Sami gets signed, if he will adopt one of Ambrose's old finishers. Since Dean is using his old finisher from when they were a tag team.
  9. It's not bad i guess. I wish they'd let him do the Knee Trembler. I wonder if they're gonna let Rollins keep the Skywalker
  10. Not a big fan, honestly.
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