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Discussion in 'RAW' started by leojay, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. So, who's pumped for Ryback: Black edition?

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    Yeah, me neither.
  2. I am. I liked his work on NXT. He got over super quick and his in ring is good, better than Ryback. If they use AJ as his mouth piece I have no problems.

    Also edited title
  3. Perhaps he's her pimp? Weakening all of them with her charms, so he can come in and take them all out? Hold on, :Russo: isn't booking again is he?
  4. MarkyMark gave him the best name. Ryblack. :haha:
  5. It's funny, because I think him debuting with AJ will absolutely destroy him. Pretty much like every other feud she's been in. :dawg:

    Oh and, damn you for changing my Ryblack title :upset:
  6. QFT!
  7. I thought it was Kofi Kingstons brother?
  8. Glad the RyBlack name is getting over. It fits him. I have to agree with Leo on him debuting with AJ being a bad thing. They will be together for a month or so and then she will move on and he will what.....
  9. The guy looks like Shelton Benjamin and Carlton from Fresh Prince's love child.
  10. no it's actually bobby lashley, he just grew some hair.
  11. Looks like Ziggy has a body guard that get's paid in sex (AJ) I have jokes for days right now
  12. The back of his jacket does say he'll steal your girlfriend. Maybe it was directed at Cena? :hmm:
  13. if it happened in a marky city and not Brooklyn, NY or Philly, AJ would had been booed out of the building last night and tonight. This guy will have heat from the Cena lovers
  14. Ryblack ftw
  15. Not sure I would've promoted Big E to the main roster now, but let's see how they use him. Could be good. I like him, love watching his matches on NXT, he got over quick. Waiting for some 5 counts as well.
  16. Big E Langston did me proud last night. :Happy:
  17. The guy is ugly as fuck
  18. I'm a Big E fan so marked hard for that moment hope things don't go the way of Brodus and they screw him up.

    Hope we see a 5 count on RAW soon!
  19. I think you mean "don't"
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