[spoiler] US Championship match

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Harley Quinn, Oct 29, 2012.

  1. :obama: Now it's not one that got lots of build up, nor that much attention, but I enjoyed that match. Of course it was predictable, but in my opinion Antonio and Gabriel put on one hell of a match, even thought Justin was going to win a couple of times. Justin did so pretty badass high flying stuff, and Antonio was no short of equaling to that with his own style. Anybody else hoping for a feud between these two? Of course Antonio still needs a gimmick, but these two could put on more great matches, and Justin would get more TV time as well, not much since it's for the US championship, but better then what Tyson Kidd is getting sadly :sad: Glad to see Justin on his own still.
  2. Nice indeed. Finally a guy like Gabriel gets pushed a little. (Getting on TV is a push nowadays.:dawg:)

    I hope they can feud and switch belts a few times like Hardy vs Nitro (IC Championship). Keeping it exiting from time to time.
  3. Hopefully, would raise the prestige of the US Championship more, and if they go on WWE Main Event, I believe the could put on a good lengthy match together.
  4. Cesaro is an absolute boss and so much fun to watch in the ring, he's doing unique things noone else is doing. Gabriel's the best high-flyer they have, they put on a hell of a show, shame the crowd had to shit all over it.
  5. Last week on the forums we had a debate between a few guys whether or not it was good for guys like Gabriel to win matches on RAW against the champ. I said yes even though I knew at the PPV he would lose. It makes RAW more enjoyable knowing A.) The Matches aren't predictable. B) Lower card guys getting a real shot.
  6. Indeed it was a great match. They also put on a pretty good match on Superstars one or two weeks ago. It'd be nice to see them feuding, not sure if it's happening but watching good matches never hurts.