Extreme Rules Spoiler: US title match...

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  1. Kofi/Ambrose has been made for Extreme Rules. I'm on board with an Ambrose United States title reign, what about you?
  2. As long as Kofi drops it, I don't mind who takes it.
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  3. Kofi is dope as hell, he just gets no good angles as far as i can remember. I'm excited for the match and give 0 fucks who wins, honestly, as long as the win is clean.
  4. The Shield having the US Title in the group should help give it some more credibility. Looking forward to it.
  5. Don't want Ambrose winning the US title, don't want Ambrose jobbing, don't want a stupid DQ finish.
    Anyone have a good outcome for this?

    Guess gotta cheer for Kofi on this one. Ambrose jobbing is a much easier to forget setback to your career than winning the US Title is.
  6. Cheer for Kofi over Ambrose? I think my head just exploded.

    There's an old saying (that Triple H adheres to) that states that the championship doesn't make the guy, its the guy who makes the championship. I think that would certainly be the case if Ambrose wins the US Title. It'll automatically boost that title's credibility significantly.

    Same thing if Brock Lesnar does indeed win the World Heavyweight Championship later in the year like I expect. That alone will make it appear to be on the same level of the WWE Title again for the first time since forever.
  7. Kofi just won the belt, didn't he?

    I'd rather just see him and Kofi have a small feud with a stipulation a different pay per view, give it time.
  8. I can see Kofi dropping it to Ambrose. I don't mind really, and it makes sense. They did build the title's credibility up when Cesaro had it, and I see Kofi as the guy who got it because he's a face. I can see him dropping it to Ambrose, and it'll be a nice piece of gold to add to the Shield. And if Shield gets the tag team titles, then the group would honestly look very very good, something that should have happened with the Nexus, getting lots of gold.
  9. Kofi needs to drop the belt. Plain and simple.
  10. Kofi is a transitional champion with no direction. I don't see Ambrose losing at all.
  11. Ambrose FTW! I prefer to have The Shield as US and Tag Team Champions than having Kofi as champion one more stupid day!
  12. Let's just say if Ambrose wins the U.S title you won't be hearing from me for a while.:fap:
  13. Giving me even more reason to cheer for Ambrose? Nice.
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  19. Ambrose to win. But I hope we see less of these champ vs champ matches if so. Don't want a member of The Shield jobbing on a weekly basis.
  20. Seriously. Every Ambrose mark creaming themselves at the thought of him winning the US Strap should reconsider. All that makes you is a jobber to the stars in WWE.