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  1. Since Vickie lost her job this week on RAW, and her replacement is her former assistant Brad Maddox, what does she do now? Do you think she'll continue to just be in these backstage segments with the McMahon's to sell the animosity between them? Does she perhaps return as Maddox's assistant simply to have a role-reversal and continue the banter and tension those two had together? What do you think?
  2. Ryback's manager.

    She has a job for life after Eddie's death with WWE, and after how much of a pussy them made him look consolidating her, it makes sense I guess. He's bad on the mic, she's good.
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  3. I dont even know tbh, Im just glad we have Maddox as GM
  4. Maddox all the way it was about time Vickie got fired but she'll just find another superstar and manage then so sadly she won't be gone
  5. During Monday night raw Vickie was evaluated and was left in tears on the floor after Stephanie McMahon left it up to the WWE app vote 'pass or fail' and the result was predictable Vickie was fired and the vote count was 75 fail and 25 pass and then the decision for who the next GM was left for Vince McMahon to decide and he announced that the new GM was Brad Maddox!!!

    Are you happy or sad at the decision made of the new GM and that Vickie was fired? Leave your thoughts

  6. She isn't good on the mic, but definitely the way I can see this going. She'll get him heat anyway.

    As for Maddox :yes:

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  7. Think she is pairing up w/ Ryback as well as apart of his career killing gimmick.
  8. She'll probably go back to managing. Maybe Ryback, maybe someone else. She won't be off of TV for long. Perhaps she asked for some time off and will come back when they bring up another talent to manage him/her.
  9. I can see Vince either hooking her up with Smackdown, or as a manager to Ryback.
  10. I'd love her to still appear on TV. I wished she wasn't fired as Supervising manager (or whatever) but I'm glad as hell her replacer is Brad Maddox. I can see Maddox turning out as some babyface GM the way AJ was as GM. I don't know what kind of role Vickie will have though, at least she won't get near Maddox any soon :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  11. Someone's manager. I don't think they'll put Booker T back to commentary. And even if they do, Teddy should be the next GM imo
  12. Maddox will obviously be the puppet of one of the McMahons. At least that's how it seems to me.
  13. With the moment Vickie had with Ryback, my original instinct was that she'll become Ryback's manager like she used to manage Ziggler. If that doesn't happen, I could still see her working alongside Vince in some capacity.
  14. She interferes at MITB to help Ryback beat Jericho and then becomes his manager.
  15. Vickie managing Ryback seems plausible at this point.
  16. Where is any proof that Vickie Guerrero is going to manage Ryback, why should she? Yes, Ryback is going terribly and Vickie Guerrero probably would up his game but I just couldn't see it happening. Look at all the people Vickie has managed/loved for, there's Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, Edge, Kane and Eddie and Chavo Guerrero.
  17. People are making the assumption due to the backstage segment between the two. And thus it makes storyline sense.
  18. I'm not arguing with any one I just didn't see where all you were getting the idea that she would manage Ryback I didn't say it wasn't possible I just aid I don't see it happening all the people Vickie has worked/loved are all different type of wrestlers compared to Ryback but if Vickie is desparet she might manage anyone
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