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    The Titantron cuts to The Artist standing in a dimly lit room.

    Artist: Tonight I face Nick...I'm not here to do the dried up formula of bashing my opponent before the match because I'm not here to extend the past but to simply bring the future. Nick, you've beaten me once before but everyone already knows what I was back then...I wasn't a strong, I was weak. I wasn't skilled, I was ignorant. I wasn't an Artist I was a floundering follower. I was looking for the right path, whether to go down path A or path B of the same generic road to the top but instead I made my own path. I made path C, and now this path is open to all. I made something of myself and I may not be a champion of a dead division but one thing I am is the man that turns heads.

    Artist looks around before continuing.

    Artist: I've been in this company for 8 months and I've turned heads and made myself known. I don't care how many times Fat Kid from Jersey mentions me in a slandering tone in his promos. Because at the end of the day only 3 people actually stay awake during them. I'm happy for the fact that you made yourself a successful rising star. Yet, I'm sad...because that star will implode and it will devour all of it's support and it will die. You face me tonight and you'll fall prey to a rising Generation...The NEW Generation and that's not just an opinion...that's a spoiler.

    Artist seems to be grinning before saying...

    It's Rising.

    The Artist waits...
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