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    WWE is taping tonight’s episode of Monday Night RAW this afternoon from the O2 Arena in London, England. Here are the ongoing results, courtesy of our live corespondent, Bob Bamber:

    - RAW kicks off with Paul Heyman coming out, representing Brock Lesnar. Big ECW chants for Heyman. Heyman says Triple H is not at Raw tonight, and he is going to read an email to the live crowd that he received from Triple H.

    Triple H’s music hits, and he is in fact at RAW. He got a huge pop, but surprisingly not as big as the one JBL received for his entrance before RAW began. Triple H accepts Brock Lesnar’s Extreme Rules match challenge, then gives Paul Heyman a pedigree!

    - A graphic displays on the Titan Tron showing that later tonight – it will be World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler vs. Chris Jericho.

    - R-Truth defeated Antonio Cesaro in a pretty quick match.

    - Damien Sandow defeated Brodus Clay with a roll-up. Tensai and Cody Rhodes were at ringside.

    - There have been very loud JBL chants all night.

    - Dolph Ziggler defeated Chris Jericho with a Zig Zag. If Jericho had won the match, he would have been added to the World Heavyweight title match at Extreme Rules. The crowd got rowdy during this match, including a “We are awesome” chant. Jericho went for the Walls of Jericho, but Fandango’s music hit and the crowd went nuts. However, Fandango never appeared – but the music distracted Jericho and allowed Ziggler to hit the Zig Zag.

    - Tensai defeated Cody Rhodes.

    - Ryback appears on the big screen says the fans don’t understand him. He hyped his upcoming WWE Title match against John Cena at Extreme Rules and said he wants Mick Foley in the ring later tonight.

    - Big E Langston squashed Zack Ryder.

    - Backstage, Daniel Bryan and Kane were talking about their match against The Shield later tonight. Daniel Bryan showed Kane a pie chart – which led to a “we want pie charts” chant breaking out.

    - The Shield defeated The Undertaker, Kane and Daniel Bryan. The Undertaker made his way out to the ring first, but was confronted by The Shield. Team Hell No ran out and made the save – which led to a brawl between all 6 men. Once things settled down, the match began – with Daniel Bryan and Dean Ambrose starting things off. Bryan quickly tagged in the Undertaker, who got in some offense on Ambrose and hit “Old School” before tagging in Kane. Our live correspondent says The Undertaker looked to be in great physical condition, moving around quickly without any signs of injury. Taker was involved in several big spots in the match, including a spear from Roman Reigns. The finish came when Daniel Bryan went for his flying headbutt on Ambrose, but Ambrose moved out of the way and got the pin.

    - After the six-man, Bryan wants a hug from The Undertaker, but the Undertaker wasn’t having it. Bryan insists Taker hugged him backstage earlier in the night. He never got a hug from the Dead Man, but got one from Kane.

    - On the big screen, WWE showed several tweets from The Rock about needing surgery due to the injuries he suffered at WrestleMania 29.

    - Backstage, John Cena was shown talking with Mick Foley. Foley addressed Ryback’s comments from earlier in the evening, where he said he wants Foley in the ring tonight.

    - Fandango comes out to one of the loudest pops of the night. His opponent tonight will be … William Regal. Fandango got the win in what was described as a short, but fun match with a lot of crowd involvement. After the match, Chris Jericho came out and attacked Fandango. Jericho throws him off the stage and danced with Fandango’s dancing partner.

    - Divas champion Kaitlyn came out and cut a promo. A battle royal will be held to determine the #1 contender to the Divas title. AJ Lee won the battle royal, which also included Tamina Snuka, Cameron, Naomi, Layla and The Bella Twins.

    - Mick Foley came out with a steel chair, but says he’d rather not fight anybody tonight. Out comes Ryback. They go back and forth – with Foley listing his career accomplishments and asying he won’t back down from a fight. Ryback tells him to shut up and declares he will capture the WWE Championship at Extreme Rules when he defeats “Super Cena.” Ryback calls Foley fat and pathetic and gets in his face.
    John Cena’s music hits and gets loud boos from the London crowd.

    The Shield runs out and it looks to be 4-on-1, with insurmountable odds against Cena. Cena manages to escape – which leaves The Shield there with Ryback. The Shield turns their attention to Ryback – but John Cena runs back into the ring with a steel chair and chases off The Shield. This leaves Cena and Ryback in the ring. Cena nails him with Attitude Adjustment to end the show.
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    Just got tempted to see what the first segment was, already marking "RAW kicks off with Paul Heyman coming out, representing Brock Lesnar. Big ECW chants for Heyman".
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    JBL! JBL! JBL! :jbl:
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    Looks mediocre as fuck on paper. The crowd might make the show a bit better, but still. BLEH. Don't think I'll be watching.
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    Eeyup Seabs
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    Yes bby
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  15. Scared / 10
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  16. Looks like we're in for a good crowd!
  17. Just came here to ask how was RAW. Dont spoil me thanks
  18. England is always a nice crowd to have on RAW.
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