*SPOILERS* WWE SmackDown Tapings for 1/18/13

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by CM Punk, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. :idontcare: :nope:
  2. Nice to see Smackdown's bringing the same consistent quality after so long.
  3. Tag team matches, Tag team matches everywhere.
  4. So, here's my lame question for the night. Does that mean Aksana is going to be int he Divas title picture a far as those two starting a feud? Or was it just a random match for this week's SD?
  5. Del Rio and Shamus. Sounds strange after hearing Del Rio vs Shamus for so long
  6. I find it interesting The Miz used the figure 4 to win the match. It could be a new finisher for him. He has been adding quite a bit of moves lately.
    Anyway on to the topic, The matches look pretty good on paper. It'll be interesting to see how they actually are. It couldn't be any worse than RAW anyway.
  7. @Danielson, I hate the Miz stealing a finisher used by one of the greatest of all time. Please back me up.
  8. Stealing? He was given it. If Flair gives someone the figure four then he obviously sees potential in him. #MizHatingMark
  9. Brad Maddox will kick the Miz's ass and rescue the figure four for Flair, then win the RR!

    Show Spoiler
    was trolling Danny from another thread where he said no one else should use SCM other than HBK
  10. Looks like a shitty show to me..
  11. Miz vs Primo? That's not cool, maybe he needed a match to work on his figure four skills