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  1. Does anyone have them for this week?
  2. Sorry, Crayo, I didn't care enough to post them. But here you go.

    Show Spoiler

    * The Miz kicks off the show with MizTV and his guest is Sheamus. It’s interrupted by Kofi Kingston and then Big Show. Sheamus wants his rematch but Show walks out. Sheamus and Kofi clear the ring of Miz. A tag match is made for later.

    * Darren Young and Titus O’Neil defeated Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio

    * Wade Barrett defeated Randy Orton with help from Alberto Del Rio

    * The Great Khali defeated David Otunga

    * Backstage segment with Randy Orton and Alberto Del Rio. Matt Striker gets thrown into a cake.

    * R-Truth defeated Justin Gabriel

    * The Miz and Big Show defeated Sheamus and Kofi Kingston in the main event.

    Can't find anything more specific
  3. Another show I'll be skipping.
  4. Bumped into more detailed spoilers on PWTorch (not that I care by any means), go get 'em Crayo.
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  5. Arguably the worst SmackDown (judging from the spoilers) ever.
  6. The Great Khali is back? :hmm: k. Gabriel seems to be jobbing out again to build up R-Truth for a run against Cesaro it would seem.
  7. They have absolutely given up.

    Maybe after November 6th, WWE will be Vince's priority again. Maybe that's not the reason the product's so bad, but it's at least something we can look forward to.
  8. But if she wins... :why:
  9. http:emoji_confused:/www.wrestlinginc.com/wi/news/2012/1031/557571/linda-mcmahon/
  10. It was Steiner calculating that perchents. :steiner:
  11. :yay:
  12. I haven't watched smackdown in weeks, and these spoilers aren't exactly drawing me back.
  13. Thats a shocking SD right there.

    An I don't like JG jobbing way to may the US title look even crappier have the guy who just fought for it job a few days later!