SPW IS HERE! SUPER PIPEBOMB WRESTLING! Notes this is ownly for Super Pipebomb Memeber!

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  1. SPW IS HERE! Which Super :pipebomb: Wrestling FED! Basicly it like the dumb IWT!
    However we will have different in places. We will have SPW WWE Heavyweight Champion, Intercontinental Champion, and The Tag Team Titles When we get bigger. We don't have enough for the world and usa titles. Also We will to PPV matchest on WWE PPV but will have SmackDown and Raw event I would like Lackin to be the GM since well he is the GM! As I will be a wrestler in this Fed! PPV match will go by the person he get the PPV Picks right on WWE Real PPV! For Raw and SmackDown there will promo battles only 1 though! Then u all vote to said who wins. This way it fair! Also if U are in a PPV Picks Match and it a tie you will then have to do a promo or video promo and then from there we would vote and that person would win in a tie breaker! Like I say YOU CAN USE TYPE PROMOS, VIDEO PROMOS, AUDIO VIDEO, LIVE STEAM, etc.! AND NO I DON'T CARE THINK IF ITS UNFAIR! IF UR GOOD ENOUGH THAT WILL VOTE FOR YOU! Also one more think people that vote HAVE to comment on the thread saying why that voted for that user over the other user! This way people can't be fuckin byeisc! We will have a sign up thread made in are SUPER PIPEBOMB THREAD!
    @Mamma Mia Kia​
  2. lol its like the dumb iwt? Screenshotted for future laughs. Count me in.

    Aids = SP :pipebomb:
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  3. This really shows the lower echelon of WWEF members and where they unite. Dat list. Capt time to dip, you're getting held down and it's obvious.
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  4. ur not alotin ur not in the group and never will be!
  5. I'll buy up this. Like Vince bought WCW.
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  6. no it a part of super pipebomb fastriac and as long I own sp this will be around!
  7. so put it in your subforum!

    Crayo im being bullied and told i cant be a part of this group.
  8. I vote we have JwabTV be the GM actually. and have him be all of the champions. For the business of course...
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  9. OH HELL NO! ownly sp member ownly can join!
  10. It going to both. the event and ppv will post here. but all info will be in a group and channage so people will not know. u can't b/c it from sp group ownly! learn how to read!
  11. Dude, keep it on superpipebomb.
  12. no the event will post here. sign up and channge will be post on sp thread.
  13. sounds stupid.
  14. No one cares, put it in the subforum.
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  15. love you. Lets be gay in this section.
  16. no I take order from u event will be posted weather u like it or not!
  17. I like sunny days mostly, thanks for asking.
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  18. u dnt no da biznis m8.
  19. :gtfo: