Stacy Keibler Gets Leggy, SD Rating Is In, HHH/RAW

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    (WWE) - -- WWE is teasing that Triple H may explain walking out on The Undertaker during tonight’s RAW Supershow from Oklahoma City.

    -- Friday night's episode of SmackDown hit a 2.15 (2.2) cable rating, with 3.19 million viewers. That's up slightly from a 2.11 and 3.14 million viewers the week before and is in line with the show's 2012 average to date. The show ranked #4 among cable TV shows for the night, #6 among the male 18-34 demographic, and #5 in the males 18-49 demo. The show's first hour was second in total viewers for all of cable Friday night. The show had the lowest demographic ratings in the last four weeks among most male demographics, though variation has been small overall.

    -- Check out this photo of former WWE Diva Stacy Keibler hosting a Superbowl Pre-Party at the Bank Nightclub at the Bellagio Hotel And Casino in Las Vegas, NV on Saturday night. She looks AMAZING. Wow. ​

  2. Stacy Keibler is pretty tall and i guess Orton have banged her to death right?

    If i was 30 i'd run up to her and say marry me WITHOUT A FREAKING DOUBT!
  3. Stacy :heart:.
  4. I'm sorry if this is off-topic but her legs are fucking sexy.
  5. Loved when she used to come to the ring everytime.
  6. Same as me. I might just go on YouTube to watch it. :emoji_wink:.

    :surprised: Help me!! :surprised:

  7. A true technical master ass... I mean class.​
  8. 7:57 of that video. Pause it there and enjoy the show.

  9. One word ........... WOOF
  10. :laugh::laugh: