OOC Star of the Month: April

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    Okay since i'm starting to make the IWT Magazine, i don't want to outrage people for putting the wrong person on the cover and as star of the month. So go ahead and tell me who should me on the cover (Only this time) and who should be star of the month.

    1) No Voting for Yourself
    2) No Swaying other peoples vote
    3) You Must Include Some Sort of Reason
    4) The Star of the Month Will Be on the Cover So Don't Post 2 Different People
    5) No Mr.Smith :)

    Current Standings:
    Chris Kaizer: 5
    Shadow: -2
    The Order (Without Alias Antonio): 1
    Alias Antonio: 2

  2. Chris Kaizer
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  3. Goddamn you Shadow, Goddamn You
  4. Chris Kaizer is underrated. Deserving of star of the month.
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  5. Follow the rules, When he reaches -5 i will open his voting. Mr.Smith......:hmm:....Nah, his voting will never open
  6. Chris Kaizer
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  7. OOC: Chris Kazier is at 3 votes as of now, his voting is now open.
  8. Loving all this love I'm getting.
  9. You are....Disqualified!
  10. Chris Kaizer.

    Reason: He has really branched out and made he's mark known within this game. He knows how to work the community in a positive light and I see him heading to bigger things come next year.
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  11. The Ar....Nope.

    Chris Kaizer.
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  13. go home THG? you're drunk......actually before you go home give that Belt in your hand to me
  14. no
  15. Remove TNH! Worst turk
  16. 7 is the limit before voting ends, if anyone else has 3 or more votes will face off against, Chris Kaizer.
  17. Alias Antonio.
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  18. Reason?
  19. Beat the IWT Champion, killer promos.
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