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  1. The arena lights start to flicker on and off real fast while this ominous music plays. 33 seconds into the music, the lights cut out and suddenly come back on with Marcus Anthony at the top of the ramp wearing his signature sleeveless hoody except this time it's red. The crowd gives a huge pop and Marcus lets out a primal scream then jumps in the air stomps the ground. Upon hitting the ground, flames shot out of the top of the turn buckles and he runs down the ramp and slides in to the ring where a microphone awaits.

    Marcus: It's been too long IWT...the Phoenix has risen again.
    *crowd pops again and starts to chant PHOENIX PHOENIX!!*
    I have to say, we got some of the best damn fans in the business and nothing and I mean NOTHING beats coming out here and feeling this energy every night. *another crowd pop occurs*
    Now I didn't come out here just to speak to all of you...I got business to take care of. We know that I'm the leader of the greatest faction this company has ever had.....The Order of Night. And since I've been away, it has been dormant. Inactive. But that changes here...that changes now. There are three of us that started it and then I had recruited some of the best young talent to carry the banner of The Order and you know what they did?


    This....was an opportunity for someone to grab the reigns while I was away. An opportunity to step up and showcase what they were made of. An opportunity to make a damn name for themselves.

    We had one mission. To right the wrongs in the IWT and that we would do it all TOGETHER. But once I went away, my brother Trip seemed to have lost interest. He had a hunger for more power, more control, and he kept wanting more. I can't blame him for wanting it. I wanted it just as bad but the control I want....the control I 10 pounds of gold on a leather strap that bears the name of the IWT Championship.

    *the crowd erupts with a massive cheer*

    @Trip in the Head ....come on out and welcome me home
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  2. *Marcus waits as the titantron comes on*

    *Trip in the Head emerges from the curtain in his usual grey suit, looking dapper as ever. He pauses at the top of the ramp to let the crowd reactions sink in before making his way down the Uprising ramp and getting into the ring*

    TRIP: Welcome back brother. Its good to see you here in IWT again. In MY IWT might I ad. You see, I am well on my way to doing everything the Order of Night said they planned to do around here. Right the wrongs of this once great company and bring it back to its heyday. And look at me, I run it all now! I make the rules, I book the matches, all because I was able to scam that scum Jonathan into losing his company to me, mwahahahaha. And I have only just begun you see. *Trip examines Marcus's new colors* Nice threads by the way. I like the new color. Very......blood-ish. Now, are you ready for your return match vs the ex-IWT champ Bruce Knight later this evening Marcus? If I still know you like I used to then you must be well prepared for the challenge you face. I didn't want things to be too easy for you on your return. And at the same time, IF you beat Bruce Knight later this evening, if haha, it may help persuade me to put you in the IWT MITB match itself. How's that sound Phoenix?​
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  3. Sounds like a plan to me. You should know more than anyone brother, that once I'm ready to destroy....there's no stopping me. Bruce Knight, you'd better bring your A game. If you don't you might as well just..
    *Marcus holds up the mic and the crowd screams GIVE IN TO THE ORDER!*
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  4. The camera pans back to the main locker room with the wrestlers all watching the screen in attendance. Aids is seen sitting next to his crew of buddies, and is pointed towards the camera by Alias. Aids looks over and just shrugs. "Holy shit dude" is all he can mouth at the camera, before witnessing the rest of the promo.