Storyline Starting from the bottom

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  1. The lights of the arena go out, the entire building plunged into darkness before the tron comes alive, nothing but static on it.

    Suddenly it shows the arena, the same one, but it doesn't have anyone. It's eerily quiet as the camera slowly zooms in on to the ring where a steel chair is kept and the lights go out in the empty arena.

    When the lights return, Hellbeck is seen sitting on the chair, the spotlight shining down on him. The mic in his hand slowly raised as he starts to speak.

    "This company is built by winners, this world. It's built by winners. Yet I sit here today, with a record of 0 and 1. I am not a winner today." his voice is low, his head bowed down as he pulls his hair back away from his face.

    "Throughout my life, I've heard that my demons will never allow me to work, that they will never let me be. That their grasp with their burning cold hands will always remain tight around my nick. That they will not cease till my heart stops."

    He gets up, the spotlight staying on him as he walks around the stage, looking around the empty arena.

    "When I saw them get their hand raised, My heart stopped. When I heard their names echoing through the arena like mine is now" he yells, the empty arena echoing his words "My heart. Stopped."

    He leans over the ropes, looking at the entrance way "They were right... I could feel the demons of my past squeeze around my throat. I could feel myself struggling to breath. My world fading out, but I see it now. I see it all now. It was necessary."

    He looks up, the camera zooming in close to see his face twitch a little, the memory of his loss and the voice of his doubters haunting him.

    "Necessary to show me that I didn't belong in a team. I don't belong alongside someone else... No.. I belong in here, up against someone else. I am not an ally, I am an adversary. I am not sustenance. I am destruction!"

    The word destruction rings across the empty arena, his focus returning to the camera as he continues.

    "They were right... My demons won't stop. So what do you do with demons that won't go away?"

    He walks back to the chair, sitting back down as the camera zooms in on him, his teeth clamped and his eyes locked on to the camera.

    "You join them!"

    There is a loud screech as the lights go out followed by a scream by someone calling for help. The lights come back on and the camera is lying on the mat and you can see blood dripping off the ropes.

    The static returns.
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