Storyline Starting off with a Bang.

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  1. Bruce Knight is walking out from a sports arena when he is approached by a Camera Crew, He simply looks at them and carries on drinking the coke his has in his hands. After a few seconds, he realizes they won't leave him alone and he turn to the crew, sighing as he does.

    Knight: Let me guess, You want a few words from me on the two elimination chamber matches? Fine, If it gets you guys off my back.

    Knight throws an empty bottle into a bin then continues to walk while the camera crew follows him.

    Knight: You want my opinion on the EC Matches? I don't care if after EC, I face Johnson, Victoria Parker, Dazzle or any of the other participants in those title matches, I'll gladly take on the winner of the IWT Championship Chamber or the WHC Chamber Match at Wrestlemania....My only thoughts at the moment are "Who will be the better challenge?". Who can I face to prove to IWT that I can perform with the best, that I can become someone in this company and that it was not a fluke that I won the Royal Rumble.

    Knight walks towards a parking lot, which he walks through going for his car.

    Knight: You see, I'm challenging anyone in IWT to a dark match. They say to reach the best.....You must beat the rest and So I will.
    The Rocky Road to Wrestlemania starts with one dark match and during this road, I will progress my skills, I will progress up the ladder to that rightful space on the IWT Roster that is Awaiting me.....I will continue to Progress my skills until Wrestlemania.

    Knight Gets into his car and drive off, with the camera crew packing up and getting into their crew van.

    OOC: Anyone can reply to my Dark Match challenge.
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  2. *Cole sees the footage of Knight and decides to post a video about it*
    Cole: so Bruce..Bruce,you decided to host a open Challenge to anyone and when i see a Oppounity i take it so I Accept what do you say Englishman vs Englishman
  3. Knight: Well, I have to start somewhere.....Even if it's the bottom of the food Chain.

    OOC: Lets do this tomorrow.....Gives me time to once I get back home.
  4. Cole: well somebody seems confident but just like the royal Rumble the Underdog will win
    OOC: that's cool
  5. @Jonathan , Could we start the dark match now?
  6. Forrest vs Reag?
  7. Don't worry, Shadow's made the Thread.
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