Storyline Starting with Blackfire

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  1. Spawn walks out to an eruption from the fans as he stands atop the ramp in his ring gear. He has a determined look on his face as he walks down the ramp slapping hands with fans before stepping over the second rope and into the middle of the ring.

    "I am aware that I am on borrowed time and that this is no longer my stage. I am aware that any place I had in the company is now gone, but I am once again here to inform you all that I am stepping up to the job. I am going to climb these ladders and take out each and every IWT superstar standing in my way, standing in front of my championships."

    Spawn drifts around the ring while talking in a calm and serious tone.

    "I am still coming off a pretty serious loss streak and I have yet to come back with a big bold statement like interrupting summer slam or attacking someone and that is because I want to do this legit. I don't need to cheat my way to the top, I am going to do it exactly how I did it before, by taking out every man to step up to me. So I don't come out here with any treacherous plans, instead I want to invite someone to a bit of a proposal."

    Spawn smirks as he walks around the confine of the ring looking at the people in the crowd as he speaks.

    "That's right. I got to start from the bottom up, which means there is only one person I should face in my return match. He has many names but lets just stick with The Blackfire for now. "

    The crowd all begin to laugh at joke of a superstar.

    "So what do you saw Blackfire? Do you want to face Spawn in his return match after Summerslam? Or are you just a big girl?!"

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  2. don't be so harsh on yourself
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  3. I love when people book themselves, two days before the show starts~
  4. I love when people dont read.
  5. Same can be said to you, my man. He said he's taking a break after his BIG win.
  6. which was why I put an offer on the table
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    I'll have a match with this guy at the next weekly Vice if he agrees. I would love another match soon enough
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  8. you're on