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  1. Our Main Event playas is going to be a TAG TEAM MATCH! CM Punk and Sheamus vs Dick Butt and Miz

    ugh. I'll be posting my random thoughts ITT Throughout my viewing, I expect this to be painful, so stay tuned for some classic Dolph'sZiggler bitching

    This AJ/Daniel promo is boring, but I lol'd @ him making her say he is a great lover

    Sheamus is a natural talker, his accent is awesome, as is his facial hair.. but this was a boring segment overall, he couldn't save it. Danny Boy? Who gives as rat's ass

    Henry squashes Truth in a few minutes. Works for me, boring match though

    lol @ Henry yelling at the crowd 'THAT COULD BE YOU. YOU COULD BE NEXT!'

    Did they announce Yokozuna to the HOF on Raw? I must've missed it. Good induction, Yokozuna was the man

    What a cringeworthy backstage segment. Fuck you WWE for what you've done with Ryder. Fuck you. Poor Kofi, being stuck on a team of comedy characters, jobbers, and being led by the most annoying asshole in the world.

    Seriously though from a kayfabe standpoint how can they even bill Team Johnny vs Team Jobbers as a legitimate match? You have former world champions and current contenders vs a bunch of scrubs. That match should be a complete squash

    Divas match rule #1: The match must end in a roll up

    Hell yea time for the All American American to bring some watchability to this show. Not sure if that's a word or not

    Hornswoggle is Ryder's bro now? Fuck that

    Coles says Teddy vs Johnny is the bad news bears vs the Miami Heat rofl. So true

    Big Show and Kane again? Fantastic Grade A booking, I've been clamoring for a rematch since Monday



    YES! YES! YES!

    Slater?@?!? nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo not Slater. He deserves better

    Slater got in some offense@!! sheeeeeeeee

    Ziggler vs Khali? The best vs the worst. okay

    oh shit, no Vickie, but Otunga and Ace are with him? Talk about a dream scenario

    AND Christian on commentary? BOING

    lmao @ Johnny texting Christian when they are 5 feet apart

    'David Beckham calls me for fashion tips buddy' Christian is the shit
  2. Worst episode ever.
  3. Christian was money, but what a stupid ending. Should have had Ziggler choke his goofy ass out

    Oh wow, fuck you Teddy. Ziggler looks like shit against Khali

    I'm done with this ep, fuck you smackdown and the horse you rode in on

  4. Was gonna watch this but might not bother sounds garbage!

    Will just read all Dolph's comments again one to pmsl and two as then I'll know what happened from start to finish.
  5. With Christian, Barrett, Ziggler appearing, Bryan and Rhodes SmackDown should be great. But it's so fucking bad. Big Show, Sheamus and Teddy fucking Long ruin it every single week.
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  6. I skipped to the end of the ME and noticed Miz still can't take a brogue kick to save his life. What a shame
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  7. He shouldn't be taking one in the first place.
  8. I was so pissed off with the ending. So damn obvious...GRR!
  9. No surprise there the whole Sheamus thing is getting annoying as hell!
  10. The second you see that tag match advertised you already know the ending will be Sheamus going over Miz. It's the only reason Miz is in the match to begin with
  11. Yeah I know, I said that to someone else recently, but it's still annoying nonetheless unless it is part of a massive angle :emoji_slight_smile:.
  12. Hope it's an angle cuz i hate to see the Miz getting this kinda crap if its not for the greater good.
  13. Lol, I loved how DB made AJ tell her DB is a great lover.
  14. HAHA was funny as tbh he don't seem the type imo.
  15. DB is too selfish to be a great lover. He probably just lays on AJ like he's having a convulsion and cums in less than 15 seconds, rolls over and goes to sleep.
  16. You forgot the repeated yes chants.
  17. Oh god normally I'd freak at those images, but I'm marking. #InnuendoWithinAnInnuendo
  18. Just read that Vince McMahon hasn't had as much control of Smackdown in 2011 to focus more on Raw and let Hayes/Koskey run the B-show (although he wanted to use the talents, hence the Supershow) but since it's the Road to Wrestlemania, Vince wants to control both shows since 'Mania's his baby.

    Or in other words, you won't have to suffer through this much longer. After Koskey took over SD was great.

    Vince, please retire while some of your legacy remains, we want to remember you as the guy who built this company, not the one who's ruining it.
  19. Yea that's why I have more hope for WWE after WM. The RTWM has obviously been a victim of Vince's wrinkley ass hands being all over the product and the result has been a 3 month shit fest
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