Storyline State of High Emergency

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  1. *Emergency council meeting, Leo is wearing a fire man's helmet, he eyeballs all the council members*
    Leo:Now I call this meeting to order... as we all know we are now at war with The Rhino, da beacon and jason have both turned on us and they told us more of you here have joined. But he hasn't said who, Mr.Boston.... *Mike gives Leo a shot gun*
    *Council gasps*
    Leo: What, No! Mike I meant my flashlight!
    Mike: Oh...*Mike takes away the gun and gives Leo his integregation flashlight, Mike dims the lights*
    Leo: *Shines the light on Susan* WHERE WERE YOU ON THE NIGHT OF THE 657TH ECLPISE!!!????
    Susan: Ah! W-what?
    Mike: Whoa Mas-
    Leo: Quiet! Hmmm not talking, *shines it on Alex* whats the recipe for a gorganzala casaroll?!?!
    Alex:Uhh... cheese?
    Leo:......very questionable...
    Mike: Master they won't break to us...
    Leo: WILL THEY?!
    Mike: No.
    Leo: Sigh.. Lights... *Mike raises the lights* Boston let me talk to you in private...*Go outside for a minute* We need to find out which ones are with The Rhino but integregation isn't working...
    Mike: Leo that's never the answer....
    Leo: Of course! Maybe I do need my gun...
    Mike: What?! No! Not that either! ... ... ... ... ... ... .... you know what i'm thinking right?
    Leo: Hmmm... The Panda didn't grant me psychic powers... what are you thinking?
    Mike: We need 3 locomotives, a dirt track, a banana tree and a box of flares
    *Leo smiles*
    Leo: I taught you well! haha! I should of known! Lets do it!
    *Ends first part of this scene*