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  1. *Jonathan walks to the ring, as a mixture of cheers and boo's ring throughout the arena*

    You know, for too long the IWT has been a mixture of great talent, and utter garbage, like @Sackfist and Britanica. We have the midcard chumps getting fluke wins against the bottom of the barrel waste and being rewarded with titles and title shots. And you know, not just that, we have our champions... Dat Kid and CM Punk... one who entered the match because the champion forfeit, and one who won his match because the opponent didn't show. Worthy champions, as you can see..

    So, what am I going to do about this? Well, it's rather simple. We're unifying the titles. Don't like it? Tough shit, go fight for someone else.
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  2. *Adam is watching backstage*

    Adam: I think he talks about my wins as flukes then? Ill prove in the fatal four way that im no fluke, Im the best.
  3. Dat Kid, your time is up, my time is now.
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  4. *Jacob just sees him*

    Sure, you're facing two of the bests in this company, Rodrigo and myself. You won't even touch us, go to play to simulate you're a wrestler with Airbourne and let wrestlers fight. I'll defeat you all and prove I'm the best, a maineventer and that I deserve to fight for the new unified world title!
  5. Adam: You the best! *Laughs a lot*
  6. You defeating me again? Keep dreaming kid *laughs too*
  7. Adam: I already did *Laughs and walks away*
  8. *Jacob shouts* Brother, I said again, go to the school, learn something and then come back
  9. Focus on me since you'll be facing me. Kid is the past
  10. *evil smirk*
    Jwab: Let the cure begin.
  11. *Jacob Colton changed his look and appears on TV with this new look
    new look (open)

    Everyone seems to forget me, cool because when the cure starts I'll be ready to be unforgettable.
  12. "Fluke win?" Farooq said as he chuckled backstage and shook his head. "If that's how you view the victories, through blind eyes, then you'll just stray from the path and get lost."
  13. Kid wasn't even the future.
  14. *Dat Kid walks up to the group talking backstage just in time to hear what Christian said*

    Well none of us our psychics so that's tough to tell, but I do know that Kid is the present. *looks over at Punk's title* Nice belt.

    Hey Rodrigo! You have something that belongs to me!
  15. Bro, do you even 165 days and counting?
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  16. There's going to be a series of unification matches over the next 3 PayPerView's.

    The first unification match will be the Hardcore Champion vs the Cruiserweight Champion vs the Million Dollar Champion vs the European Championship, and that match will take place at Payback!

    The next unification match will be the Intercontinental Champion vs the United States Champion at Money In The Bank!

    And finally, the final unification match, the grand daddy of 'em all, the main event! The WWE Champion vs the World Champion at SummerSlam!

    Now, no matter who the champion is at that time, the match will take place!
  17. WHO KNOWS!
  18. That piece of crap is now in brit's office. You can go and get it, but it's already written rodrigo. Payback is coming

  19. OOC: So it is:

    Farooq vs Sackfist - Farooq (Hardcore & MD) Sack (Cruiserweight and Euro)

    Airbourne vs Senhor

    Christian vs Dat Kid?
  20. If they're the champions. Yes.