Storyline State of the Brian Address

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  1. *The Crowd has a good heel pop for his status as an opener, he walks down with heavily taped ribs covered by his shirt and his vest*

    "IWT! We have peedo's running around the now? peedo's, fake gods, drunkards, crazy girls. I said when i return from my injury, that i'll open a can of whoop ass on every bodies sorry ass in the IWT! We have Trip, which is someone i've gained respect for and to show it, heres to ya! *Gives him a double finger*

    *Crowd Pop*

    "People have been flapin there gums saying that i'm not takin seriously! On one half you got a certain ass hole wearin bejeweled trunks, sunglasses, What the hell is that all about? This ain't no gay or ballet convention son! What a load of crap! You got another guy runnin around takin trash bags off the street, and giving them a big ass shot at the future! Aids, you took Vargas on your little power trip, but Nuh Uh! You ain't gonna run around with out pickin up the toughest S.O.B and putin my ass on that train! and son! if i ain't on it you can call it a British private train, because it's gonna fail just as bad! son! I won't show respect for ya Aids or for Vargas because i don't need to! I will only show it when you take me seriously!

    *Crowd Pop*

    "You've got Dat Kid blamin me for his documentary which turned into a piece of crap! If he knew better i ain't apart of the video reel or production truck! I didn't do anything! Nuh Uh!

    *Crowd Starts Chanting Nero! Nero!*

    "Nero, you piece of trash! if you stick your head in my business again i'll knock your lights out son! Just because you came in here runnin your mouth thinkin your some bad ass, you ain't! Your just another women i've got to beat!"

    *Joey Bryant Chants*

    "Joey Bryant can kiss my ass! He clawed his way to Jonathan's pants! He sucked his way to the top and they ain't no doubt about it! You can tell me what you want, i ain't gonna think different and that's the bottom line!"

    *Crowd Boo's*

    "And if you want to my words on any bodies ass, you can take this mic and shove it because i do what i want, when i want to! Leading me to Dat Kid's impersonator my Mania opponent, Unknown! I would kick his balls if i can find em! He claims he found god, after i'm done with him the only thing he's gonna find is a boot up his ass and a fist down his throat! *Trows mic and walks up the stage*​

    OOC: My testing has been moved up a week, and i will be able to stay active here, but i will not compete for these 2 weeks just to be fair to the injury angle, thanks.
  2. *Kousaki watches from backstage*
    Kousaki: Isn't this guy supposed to be retired already? Huh, at this rate, I feel like ending the guy's career, it'll put him out of his misery.
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  3. OOC: i wasn't retiring, i was going on a few weeks hiatus but my testing moved up so i can stay on for a little longer.