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    We have a sold out crowd here of 15,536 members of the IWT Universe! Welcome to Internet Wrestling Titles!

    We get a close-up of the ring and we see Jonathan with a microphone in hand.

    You already know who I am, so lets cut the crap. Last week was the biggest event of the company, IWT Mania 3! And I haven't seen this much of a cluster fuck in my entire time here in this company! We had no-shows, we had matches lasting weeks and we had people causing havoc in other superstars matches! This is the most disappointing PPV in IWT history! Now going back a little-bit, I said we had people causing havoc in other superstars matches. Specifically, the World Heavyweight Championship match. Lee, what you did out there was unacceptable! Therefore, Chris Kaizer. You are hereby stripped of the IWT World Heavyweight Championship!

    Here is your World Heavyweight Champion and the man who shouldn't have lost it in the first place, CHRISTIAN!

    Jonathan points his hands towards the stage
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  2. Christian comes out on stage and is carrying a the World Heavyweight Championship around his waist. He looks at HIS championship and continues to walk down the ramp. He enters the ring and shakes Jonathan's hand as he gets handed a microphone.

    Christian: Lee, did I wipe that stupid smirk off your face? Yeah, that's right. I am the World Heavyweight Champion! See you think you can run this company the way you please, but unfortunately for you, there are people here in the back that actually RUN a company!. And we can't have you booking matches the way you please. I mean, what kind of company would let you do that? I let you have your Wrestlemania moment with your friend, Kaizer, BUT... it was only a matter of time.

    Did you actually think you were going to get away with this? (Christian chuckles as he talks)

    People like Jonathan, Trip and even Gav KNOW what's best and right for business. So you can come out here and complain, but what I would like you to do is prove to everyone on how Chris Kaizer legitimately beat me. So if you want to come out here and prove it, then do so, otherwise go take a hike.

    The one person I do actually feel bad for is Chris Kaizer. Chris you can be mad at me, you can me mad at Jono, you could be mad at Trip. But there is ONE person who you should be mad at...

    And that's Lee.

    Don't you find it funny that even your friend Lee didn't have faith in you? I mean, here he came waltzing out from the back to help you. He had no faith in you winning on your own and he came out there and RAN to your assistance.

    If there is anyone you should be mad at, it's Lee.
    If there is anyone to blame you not winning the championship, it's Lee.
    And if you think you're getting a rematch, think again, and you can thank, Lee!

    Speaking of which, Lee, you aren't getting off this easy. NAH! As you heard, all events are cancelled until further notice. And once that notice is up, so is YOUR TIME as IWT Champion! There can only be one guy on top of the world and that man will be me!
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  4. Naw, but seriously, if this is about biased voting, Trip obvi was biased by giving me a 5 in "coherency". Pretty sure it made sense.
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  5. Lol. Stupid.
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  6. Anyone want to tell me why Kaizer got all 10's then? Also can someone link to me to the last person who got all 10's? thanks.

    Also 3v1 promo, lee still votes against me. It's cure effect.

    If you're actually denying that you corrupt voted, then just lol.

    And Bill, that's not bias, that's his opinion. I never asked him once to vote for me and I barely speak with Trip's.
  7. Are you accusing me of tampering? I will post my skype convos with anyone to prove you wrong.
  8. FYI, even if I link you to the PM I had, I didn't even mention stripping you of the championship, this is what I wrote.
  9. TNH was never apart of the cure.

    I felt voting in my match was unfair too but this has been happening forever so it's whatever at this point.
  10. Nope. I'm just saying it's clear as day the Lee corrupt voted.
    It's been this way always.
  11. But you are going to sit there and tell me that Trip didn't have any sort of bias either. A five in that category is funny as hell.
  12. I felt voting in my match was unfair too, but I didn't cry about it and demand my championship back. I was suggested that why am I taking this so lightly, you got screwed. They suggested stripping so I was like, if you want.
  13. Just to be clear, I don't really care as I was going to quit anyway. Just wanted to know why.
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  14. Call me crazy, but I think they stripped TNH off of the title because they just don't like the dude!
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  15. Then wouldn't Alias' match also be corrupted due to C.M Shaddix entering his votes for Lee?

    I think it would of been logical to go to the Triple Threat Punk suggested, A Re-Match or Re-Vote for the WHC instead of stripping him of the title...
  16. It's not the first five he's given if that's what you're thinking of. I only got a seven plus another promo. If you did two promos, you possibly would have gotten a seven as well.
    By the way, is anyone going to link me to the last 10/10/10 match result? If anyone is willing to admit bias on Lee's side?

    Didn't Trip rate Bill highest in the EC match for each and every one of his promos?
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  17. Is honestly everyone going to ignore the bias of Lee's voting and make this about Trip giving Bill a 5/6/5 compared to my 6/7/6 when I had two promos?
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  18. Lol I don't know and I don't care, but it's stupid that they didn't consult this with him
  19. No, We're not of course. @Ovalhead you should probably be in here but tbh, I think it was kind of stupid for him to vote all 10's as this is what could happen should someone do this (still unsure if anyone else has done it). You should of tweeked your scores (despite how I prefer the previous voting system to the forms) to make it look less Bias and more like a legit score.
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