Storyline State of the Michael Address

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  1. Michael is standing at a podium with flashes from cameras flashing and reporters mingling among themselves in the New Generation HQ "Press Room." Behind him stands Eric Draven with a breifcase and Alkatrz wearing a suit... too tight even for a man half his size. Michael begins to speak.

    Michael: I have one busy schedule heading forward, don't eye? *He looks back at Draven who nods his head in approval* Yes indeed I do. I not only face Ami in a
    stretcher match at Survivor Series, but I face The Jwab in a match for the X-Hardcore title afterwards, all while I team with a true name in the IWT, Lee. The man I face at Survivor Series is nothing but a sham, no pun intended...amiright *He looks back at Alkatrz as both of them laugh and begin a side conversation* Oh yeah...*He faces towards the press with a serious face* Ami, you may have beaten Alias, but we all know he was and probably still is in a dark spot after losing his title to Joey Bryant. I guarantee you that when he faces you again in the inevitable future, he will kick your ass to some graveyard where no camera man can follow. You have no reason to run because you will be perfectly comfortable in a hospital bed as they do surgery to find the balls that have gone missing since you were beaten down by The New Generation.

    Michael looks back at Draven and Alkatrz as all three share a laugh, soon the press in attendance begin to laugh. Michael suddenly flips the podium and screams at all the reporters to leave the room. They scram as he begins to threaten those in attendance.

    Michael: I'm tired of playing charades. I was never a joking man and I'm not going to start now. Ami, you have gone lost since I beat the straight piss out of you. You're scared and we all know it, and if you are a real man come and find me. Then, you can play your little mind games and try to budge me! I dare you! Rita...Nero... you two are little more than a petty thorn in my boots. Nero, you've been gone for months, talking shit about the IWT and claiming its legs are in the grave, but once you find an opportunity you begin to jump back up on the bandwagon. You're exactly like Rita. You both are quitters! Quitters in the finest degree and you both will never reach the two staples of the modern day unrecognized devision of the IWT! We are The Talent of the IWT, he's the talent and I...I am The Franchise!

    Michaels paces before calming down.

    Michael: Midas; two have ran far enough and though it may not be with one of my New Generation brothers, you will meet me at the end of the wildcard, and that...that isn't so wild.

    The camera fades.
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