OOC State of the tag division (IWT in general)

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  1. I know I'm not Gm or member of creative, but I think as an active member of IWT and as a tag champ, this should be addressed. In my opinion, there aren't really any tag teams in IWT. There's Gav and I, but who else? Who knows if The Cure are going to stick around, and besides them, I can't think of any actual teams. We have stables but they all do mostly stick to single matches. I'm just saying that there are people who post in IWT, that don't do much, that should create a tag team and help rejuvenate the tag division. I've had fun being in a team, and I think others should try
  2. Well, Trip and I are going to be the tag team out of our stable. So that's a possibility.
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  3. So that makes about two.

    We just don't have actual teams. It's usually just one time alliances.
  4. It really shouldn't be this difficult for a tag division. The problem is nobody wants storylines or gimmicks - only the IWT title.
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  5. I think the main problem is alliance's breaking up and teammates dissolving. There just are only so many members, honestly, and the Tag Titles might have taken a beating with the split, and also the previous one from ACW.
  6. Like Nick said, most people are only worried about the IWT title. Which is why mostly every character is usually the same generic guy who just wants to be champ and that's it. I know i've been doing that lately, but that's only for story purposes.

    It shouldn't be that hard to find someone you like in IWT and create a nice team with. Gav and I never made any communication before I randomly answered his open tag team partner search. Now look at us.
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  7. Not everyone can be Aids.
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  8. We didn't really have that many tag-teams back in the day either. Nano and Rhod were on I think, but since he's a part of DX now, I'm not sure.
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  9. Yeah with the members active and titles available it was more of a 2nd title then, as it is now. We just need to stick to one deal (here) and get some new joiners comfy in working with random teams. We also need more face.
  10. @Vintage®
    Are you in any storylines in the IWT?
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  11. There are users who could use the tag division to be more active.
  12. Not at the moment.
  13. IWT's SCSA. Shadow does what he wants.
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  14. I think the main problem is everyone just wants to be the best, which means going after the world title. It would be a good thing to put two people who are new together, and have them use the tag team division to further themselves and get understanding with help, or even team up someone new with a veteran. Also, putting two people who have nothing to do, make a storyline about getting them together and form a team.
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  15. This dude agrees with the champ.

    Mix it up, instead of a "developmental" or throwing the new members at the wolves, I think this would work well. What we need is more members and house show matches to start again.
  16. We can do test runs with guys who don't do much. Put some guys together, let them agree on a gimmick, and see how it works.
  17. I'm considering signing up, so I might help it out or something.
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  19. Where would Shawn be if he didn't start in the tag division? Where would Bret be? Where would Edge be? I know real life and this are much different, but I think my point has been made.
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