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  1. OK guys, I don't know if everyone has been keeping up storyline-wise, but the WHC has been destroyed by @Dat Kid (with a sledgehammer). Also, the IWT championship has essentially been "buried" in a cement grave (also by Dat Kid).

    I am waiting to hear what the champs plan on doing (@THG? and @DK James ), which sounds like a unification of sorts at SS, but my real concern here is what that means for the briefcases (@Nickelodeon and @B.Dazzle )

    What is the consensus in IWT as to how we should handle this? 2 contracts for one belt? Any better ideas?

  2. Briefcase unification would be reasonable. ...If the title are unified.

    Or, relegate one of the briefcases for the euro title.
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  3. Have Nick and Dazzle fight at NOC to a unification match. Or a regulation of who can cash in or not should be placed like one person can't cash in directly after someone else just did.
  4. Should tag @Delik too. I know he's out on holiday right now, but I'm sure he'd like to weigh in on the topic
  5. So this will be the 2nd IWT Title / WHC Title Unification match at SS, Last year Victoria Parker & Suicide, will this be a running theme?
  6. [​IMG]It shouldn't
  7. Let both briefcase winners keep their respective prizes, it'd be funny to try to see Dazzle cash in right after Nick wins off his cash in.
  8. Or vice versa, but yeah, I was going to lean towards this, but I wanted to see what everyone else thought as well. Ironic that the people involved have yet to respond though lol
  9. Simple. Make Nick and Dazzle orgy bro's. So when one cashes in the other does too. Triple Threat.
  10. Yeah, that might not work well
  11. I don't really mind either way. It would make more sense to unify the briefcases, since it would be weird to still have one IWT MITB briefcase and one WHC briefcase.

    Whoever loses though could be conferred a title match of their choice at the next PPV or whatever, making things a little bit more just.
  12. Thats why I was going to make both briefcases good for the one title, but I suppose that second option is not terrible though.
  13. The loser has a title match at Survivor Series (If the unification is at NOC). Just to make things a little more interesting storyline wise.
  14. Keep them split. The whole idea of unifying the belts is a horrendous one, IMO, considering we have enough talent to maintain 2 world titles (all of which are worthy enough to hold it) - it's bad enough that we've done that, unifying the briefcases makes one of the matches a complete waste of time.

    I'm disappointed that there wasn't more discussion about unifying the belts to be honest, it makes absolutely no sense.
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  15. Not to be a dick man, but so far you are the only I have heard complain about it. Maybe more will speak up now though.
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  16. Anyone that hasn't before won't just because I've said it :dawg:

    I don't care if I'm the only person, it's a fucking stupid idea.
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  17. No need to get all angry buddy.
  18. Yeah, I know how you feel. And I can't say I completely disagree with you, but it does say the champs can choose whoever they want to fight in the rules right? And if they both put their belts on the line that makes it kind of hard to avoid unless we do the 2 titles held by one guy thing (and that's more fucking stupid IMO)
  19. Far from it.

    However, we have at least 6 that I can name straight of the bat that are World title-level competitors, and there's more that I'm probably not thinking of, but it's a good idea to make those 2 belts into 1 and have much more people fighting for one belt, which not only reduces the amount of matches, means some people will miss out (I don't see a 6-way for the belt) where as 2 triple threats work.

    We unified them before because there wasn't enough competitors worthy and we just kept getting the same matches.
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  20. If there's one main title it gives people more incentive to up their game up IMO since there will be a contingent of people fighting for the belt, making it tougher to get to the top. Will mean the title will be more prestigious to hold. That's just me though.

    Besides, there was talk of doing a unification match ever since Dat Kid returned, so I'm not sure why it's caught you by surprise so much.
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