State of the union address from the united states champion

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  1. *Alkaline walks out in a white suit alongside his tag team partner and new World champion Eric Draven ( Dean Seabsrose ). Alkaline with the US title around his waist. Draven has the world title around his waist and is carrying a briefcase in one of his hands. The two gentlemen gets in the ring as Alkaline walks up to a podium neatly set up in the ring. The crowd is booing the two new champions.*​
    AK: Ladies and gentlemen, my fellow Americans and international horndogs. My name is Alkaline, and I am your new United States Champion! ​
    *holds title up in to the air as the crowd both cheers and boos him*​
    AK: Leading up to my match with Joel Rain I talked about how this company was being destroyed and ruined by backstage politics and conspiracies, how the men in black behind the curtains were fooling us all, pitting us against each other and holding the people with potential down. You all called me insane, cast me aside and called me delusional. You said there was no conspiracy. But guess what? there was a conspiracy going on and you know what that conspiracy was? Me fooling all of you.​
    *the crowd looks shocked*​
    AK: I played the fool, the jester, the joker and clown. All so that you would underestimate me. "This guy is not a threat, he will never be champion, he'll never beat Joel Rain" and so on and so forth. But I did beat him, just as I knew I could. I knew that if I played the fool, you would throw me into the "lions den" thinking I wouldn't survive five minutes. But I survived well above five minutes and walked out of the ring, with the lion slayed and its mane as a trophy. I played you all like a finely tuned instrument, you were nothing but a means to an end, the pieces on a chessboard. And you all played your part perfectly. ​
    *Alkaline smirks as the crowd boos and throws soda mugs and paper at the ring*​
    AK: But there isn't a lie that doesn't hold a speck of truth to it. All the accusations I made, all the words I said were all true. This company is run by an idiot of a general manager who disappears for weeks at a time, leaving a helpless and unprepared assistant to run things which forces the powers backstage to step in. And whoever is the GM and assistant GM's flavor of the month get a push and a title opportunity, instead of people with actual talent. Just look at the nerd I took this belt from! This company is dragging behind in the ratings because top talent is kept back in favor of friends, family and "nice people". You don't make it in this business by being nice, you don't make it in this world by being nice. You make it by stepping on people's toes and leaving corpses behind you. Shawn Michaels wouldn't have been at the top if he was a nice guy, America wouldn't have won the second world war if they fought nice. I'm not a nice guy, but me and the man standing next to you, your new world champion Eric Draven are the kind of people this company needs to succeed. We'll fight the wars, we'll do the work that is needed to ensure that this company stays on top. We are wrestling royalty and this company is going to need royalty moving forward!​
    *The crowd boos them but there are some cheers as well*​
    AK: Some of you have already realized this and that is good. But that brings me to my next point to address. My United States Title.​
    *Alkaline places the belt on the podium*​
    AK: This belt used to represent an entire nation, a nation which was on the forefront of the world stage back in the 50's-90's. When the world was still divided by national, racial and cultural borders. But that is no longer the case. America is no longer the sole country on the forefront of the world stage. Europe and Asia have caught up and there are even countries in Africa and South America stepping up. And with the evolution of technology and the globalization of our world by means of transport and communication our borders of ethnicity and culture have been all but erased. America is not solely for Americans, but for all who wish to make their life there. Thus I feel like I cannot be the champion only for America.​
    *Crowd is in shock, wild USA chants erupts*​
    AK: We live in a modern world, defined by what we see on TV instead of what nation we are from. TV and other mediums of communication rule this world now, not the white house or the Kreml. But he who rules the airwaves rules the world. Your rulers aren't names like Franklin Roosevelt or Boris Chekhov anymore, but names like Mickey Mouse and Vince McMahon. America is no longer this world's super power, television and the internet is. I was going to be the possibly last United States champion before my unification match with the intercontinental champion at Money in the Bank. But now I will be the last United States champion ever!​
    *Alkaline pushes the US title off the podium the crowd goes mad. Drave puts the briefcase on the podium and Alkaline opens it as Draven picks up the US title*​
    AK: The world is no longer ruled by nations but by what is on TV. And he who rules TV rules the world. Thus it is only fitting that there is a champion of this new platform of power. Ladies and gentlemen. It is with great honor and pride that I hereby declare myself the first ever World Television Champion!​
    *Alkaline picks up a golden belt that he holds up above his head as the crowd boos him, throwing more paper into the ring*​
    AK: I will make history as the last ever US champion, and as the first ever World Television champion. Even if I lose at Money in the Bank there will never be another like me. And honestly, with a face like this, it would be illegal not to put it on TV.
    *Alkaline steps out from behind the podium and straps the new belt around his waist. Draven gives him the US title which he slings over his shoulder like a rucksack*​
    AK: It is a new world IWT Universe. One that your World TV champion warmly welcomes you to. I am sure to have more exciting news to reveal as time goes on but I believe you need some time to swallow this first so I'll leave you for now. Oh, and god bless America. ​
    *Alkaline and Draven leave the ring as the crowd keep throwing trash into the ring and the screen goes black*​

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