Steen interview - Wrestling in Japan, the wrestler mold and more

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    Interesting notes on going to Japan, blending shoot and work and TNA.
  2. Really fascinating interview, such a intelligent guy.
  3. Yup. Imagine if he had kept himself in shape as he himself said. He could have been an even bigger name than he already is. Also his view on TNA is interesting.
  4. It's not too late, he just needs to apply himself in the gym.
  5. Yeah. He's only 28 right? I think only his knees can hinder him if he commits himself.
  6. There are low impact cardio workouts that don't do much damage to your knees.
  7. #DDPYoga

    True story: Kevin Steen learnt English from watching WWF and listening to JR according to himself.
  8. I don't think cardio is an issue tbh, he's working long ass matches every few weeks if anything it'll be diet issue.
  9. To move this thread along, why do you think Steen isn't a TNA fan? His wording in this interview "Who wants to go to TNA anyway?" especially makes it pretty clear that he is no fan of the promotion, at least from a wrestlers standpoint.
  10. Would you mind telling me what else did he say about TNA? Is that all? Can't view Yt videos, my server is fucked up.
  11. He was talking about getting to the top in the business and about how young wrestlers should strive about going to the WWE and then he said (paraphrasing). "You could of course also go to TNA but who would want to go to TNA anyway?".

    That's the only mention he makes of the company. But with the way he just threw TNA out of the discussion and his tone of voice it seems like he isn't a fan. I don't know any news about him not being on good foot with the company so it confuses me as well.
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  12. Thanks.

    I believe he doesn't have a grudge vs. TNA at all, he just has Sami Callihan mindset. They both wanna go to THE TOP, and THE TOP is WWE. Sami himself said he doesn't have anything against TNA, he just wants to end up in WWE. I believe that's what Steen was aluding to.