Stephanie is hot!!!!

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. Ok im being serious here and I have to say Stephanie is hot!!!!! my god you wouldnt think shes popped out 3 kids and is like mid 30's now. I think she could still go in the ring if she started wrestling again she really showed good athletic skills when she wrestled on Smackdown back in the early 2000's. Just thought I would say this
  2. Lesbian porno wit Steph pls
  3. BLFFL going one on one with Steph :gusta:
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  4. Hottest female on RAW, easily. In fact she might be the most entertaining person on Raw as well. Such a GOAT.
  5. I think her looks are alright. Her mic skills though are just beyond amazing.
  6. Kelly Kelly is the hottest WWE diva ever

  7. [​IMG]
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  8. Agree with the OP :lady:
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  9. Whether someone is hot or not is obviously objective, but from the general standpoint, I think everyone can agree that Stephanie McMahon is very entertaining right now, whether looks, mic skills, current heel role, etc.

    Personally, I agree she is very attractive, she's just not exactly my exact cup of tea. I really enjoyed her role in the segment with Dusty Rhodes. She was just as "evil" as HHH in that regard. It really is just pretty awesome to see a woman finally having a big, strong role.
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  10. Ok, gonna be serious. Her body is everything but natural + I only want to see Cena kicking her ass again!
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  12. BLFFL *clap clap clapclapclap*
  13. You give her a clap, she gives you the clap. :jeritroll:
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  14. She is perfect for her role, and fine as hell, age and kids only make it more obvious. Just dont show her exercise pics,
  15. *Claps until hands fall off*
  16. Eh, shes ok, but nothing special IMO
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  17. :aries:
  18. I would agree with BLFFL ITT but she said Kelly Kelly was hot, I can't even bare to look at KK.

    Stephanie is fuck amazing, She is so hot.
  19. She looks good for her age.
    I liked her earlier doe, not Jeebak early.
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  20. I have to lay another pipebomb :pipebomb: Kelly Kelly >>> Stephanie

    Kelly Kelly actually took alot more bumps in her 6 year career than Stephanie did when she wrestled a bit in the early 2000's
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