Stephanie McMahon/AJ Feud

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  1. Last week, we got a pretty good confrontation between Stephanie and AJ. Considering this and considering AJ said in an interview last year that Stephanie was her idol, I could see the two of them working together again in the future, perhaps in an actual feud that might result in a match. Seems too obvious for it not to happen. There's four ways to book this:

    A.) They never get in the ring, but rather, feud in a wrestler/authority figure type of way. Steph finds out that Vince is a fan of AJ, so she realizes that threatening AJ's job (like she did last week) will never work. This makes Steph's blood boil as it means AJ can get away with saying whatever she wants to Stephanie and nothing will be done to her. The Divas in the meanwhile all line up to take the title from AJ but she always escapes with it still in her grasp. Eventually, Stephanie introduces a new Diva (Paige? A returning Kharma?) who crushes her at Wrestlemania XXX. Steph might even play the role of being the special referee, just so she can make the glorious three count on her title loss.

    B.) AJ and Steph end up in a match, with AJ going over at, say, Summerslam. I realize that's not much time to build the match but it could work if they end the Katilyn feud immediately after MITB. Imagine how big of a win over Stephanie would be for AJ. She could forever brag about how she went over one of her bosses and even say that because Steph was once her idol, she feels that she has officially surpassed her by defeating her. The end result to all this is still AJ losing the title at Mania, and Steph could still get involved in that as a special referee.

    C.) Kind of a combination of the above two, with AJ running through everyone until Stephanie trains intensely and considers herself to be the one to have to take AJ down. She then forfeits the title after winning it and putting herself over as much as possible, just because she's a McMahon and all.

    D.) They fall in love and start a lesbian relationship. This one is incredibly unlikely, so scratch it.

    Personally, I'd prefer either A or B. Unfortunately, Option C seems the most likely. I can't help but see Stephanie booking herself to go over the big evil Diva's Champion since she has to have everyone believe that she is the strongest woman there and all.
  2. Definitely D...

    ...dare I say.... double D. :gusta:
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  3. Aj just needs to go AWAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
  4. Option C is what happens when you marry HHH.
  5. Or she and steph are working together.
  6. It'd be an entertaining feud to watch, for sure. Option C sounds quite likely, A and B may also happen, who knows.
  7. A is the best option there, well D is actually but A is the best realistic one.
  8. Stephs tits are as fake as the genius AJ fan club.

    Heel vs heel? Steph better not attempt to go face again. Pass on this...altogether.

    You know WWE could learn a lot from TNA in this dept. Gail kim is a real Heel, in fact, she is easily the best female wrestler around. Didnt WWE drop her?
  9. I think option three is pretty likely but either way I'd love to see an AJ/Stephanie feud. I thought they had great chemistry together.
  10. I was thinking more of like an affair storyline. Maybe Stephanie could walk in on AJ and Triple H in one of AJ's crazy make out moments and they roll with the feud from there. Other from that idea which is both likely, but at the same time unlikely to happen, I think the best for the feud right now would probably be C.

  11. If AJ intentionally hit on Triple H or tried to flirt with him knowing Stephanie would see it on camera, then I think that would be awesome. That's why I think for this feud, having AJ get some sort of immunity from Vince (say he's a big fan of hers for some reason) is essential to really making Steph seethe with anger and get the feud going. AJ could do things like this or talk back to Stephanie (tell her things like she saw HHH looking at her in a lustful manner or something) without having to worry about her job being on the line.

    Obviously, Stephanie would have to do something to piss Vince off to put him in this mood. But that's the power of the angle - that Vince is the one who has ultimate control over even Stephanie and she goes from having power over people like AJ to essentially feeling powerless, and she must transfer that anger into either finding a challenger to pummel AJ into oblivion and take her Diva's Title and/or train hard to get back into the ring herself to give AJ the beating of a lifetime.
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  12. Oh, I wasn't even talking about their tits, lmao. Just cracking a lame bra joke.

    Do you guys know that bra sizes almost have nothing to do with the size of the actual breasts? The chest area/rib cage right under the boobs determines the sizes, lol.
  13. creepy as it is, yes i do realize. It's pretty confusing.
  14. You're telling me. I'm almost 21 and I'm still learning shit about boobs. Why do women have to make shit so complicated :facepalm1:
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  15. I'm such an expert on boobs that I could probably teach you a new thing or two.
  16. I'd love to see the option D. That may create some sort of chaos.