Stephanie needed helping being viewed as "good"? lol

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Neptune, Feb 12, 2016.

  1. The latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports WWE hired a PR firm to help promote Stephanie McMahon as the "nice public face of the company."

    So they are wasting their time and money on this instead of investing it in one of the SEVERAL other areas that are lacking in the WWE right now? Seriously? How about fire and hire new creative then worry about what people think of you Steph. If the show sucks, people will be booing your arse either way!
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  2. Also... Note the following :





  3. She looks good though :gusta:
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  4. :true::hhhooh:
  5. Who is this Neptune fella and what's with all he misguided angst?
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  6. I'm just some idiot teenager who is a racist and a sexist.
  7. I just crack up that no matter what WWE does, no matter how little it has to do with anything, people be like WOW WHY NOT FOCUS ON HIRING CREATIVE TEAM MEMBERS
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  9. meh. Work on your material lad
  10. :stfu:
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  12. Well, if they hired someone else to do it it's not like they're wasting time. Plus, with creative, I feel like having less cooks in the kitchen would be beneficial.
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  13. What's the point of hiring Steph as WWE's Chief Brand Officer, then? That should be HER job.

    If the storyline is about you as a "bad" (heel) person, then stick with it. If a storyline is about you being a "nice" (face) person, then stick with it. Thing is, the whole slapping divas, wrestlers, and stuff isn't helping matters...

    Vince McMahon designed his character as a heel character. And he is thought as a nice guy by many folks. I've never met him, but what I read of him... he's a nice guy.
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    To the above, and for a serious answer to this...

    If you want to improve your public image, how about you just don't be a royal bitch on TV?

    that'll advice'll cost you $5,000 Steph, PM me for my Paypal info.
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  15. Suuuure. That is what you are charging for....
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