Storyline Still Standing

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  1. *Static appears on the screen, Unkown appears on the screen, his mask is broken but he cannot be seen through the bruises and blood, his shirt is torn but he still holds his IC Title which has some blood drops on it*
    Unknown: I dont know how long I have been here, days feel likes years and I dont even want to go into all the other stuff, I am covered in blood and broken, I cant take this abuse much longer, tied up for days with no food. they keep rambling on about saving me, I refuse to break and give in to these maniacs, I dont pay attention to them outside of this building and I sure as hell wont here, I dont need to care about anyone else, if Jonathan wants me to vote in all matches he can go fuck himself, the only person I care about is me, I am the unified IC Champion, I have one belt here and one over there and 1 title means a champion, 2 titles means a god and that is what I have always been. Kid can try and imitate me but it aint workin. I will not break down or give up, im escaping today, the address of the warehouse I am locked in is 1498 Ho- OH SHIT!

    *2 figures appear behind Unknown, they lift him from the cameras view and a beating can be heard, one walks over to the camera, waves and shuts it off*
  2. OOC: Tries to steal my gimmick. Then claims i"m imitating him #AdamLogic
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  3. Actually I did it before you and in a different way.
  4. :nope:
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  5. Mine was more sudden, I guess it was really just two ideas clashing.
  6. Nah, you just stole it. Like you stole the anon gimmick
  7. Re-opened.